Top 7 Best Desk for Dual Monitors

Best Desks for Dual Monitors

Let it be gaming, video editing or blogging, you’d want to go for dual monitors for extra convenience. One screen doesn’t seem just enough to you. Besides, having dual monitors make the workstation look amazing.

Now, here’s this thing though. When you’ll have dual monitors, you’d want to have a robust desk on which you can keep all your things on. Not all the typical junks can handle the pressure. And that’s what we’re going to talk about today.

We’re reviewing the best desk for dual monitors available in the market. So, let’s drop the chitchat and jump inside the reviews.

How to Choose the Best Desk for Dual Monitors?

You’ve got a big budget? Still, it’ll be nothing but useless if you don’t know how to grab the right dual monitor office desk in the first place. But we ain’t saying it’s a tough nut to crack. All you need is just check a few things and once you find them, the next thing you’ll be seeing is your perfect dual monitor desk.


If you do it right, once is enough and the same goes for picking the right type of desk as well. In case you’re don’t want to change your current desk and still want to have a dual monitor there, you can go for the portable dual monitor desk with no or light installation

But if you literally want to replace the desk, then grab the one that is perfect as a regular desk but can also handle your dual monitor. And if you often need adjustments on the height, then pick one that comes with a height adjusting mechanism.

Durable Construction

Getting a desk with poor construction is a good way to throw your money in the water. So, if you don’t want to see some cash on your book of loss, then make sure the one you’re choosing has solid construction. It has to be durable enough that you can at least have it for a few years.


Don’t forget the design as well. After all, you need your office to look good with it too, right? So, get the one that adds some extra appeal to your interior. Otherwise, you’ll end up in paying for a visual distortion.


We’re talking about occupying dual monitor settings here. So, it has to be spacious enough that you can put both your monitors there. But it’ll be better if you can get one that comes with some spare space for things like a laptop or notebook.


The easier, the better – that same theory goes here as well. So, make sure the desk you’re considering to get for your dual monitor setup has an easier installation process. Plus, the easier it’ll be, the less time it’ll take for the setup


It’s quite obvious that you’re going to need some smooth adjustability there if you want to use the desk in both sitting and standing positions. Some of them even come with that automated mechanism. If you want more ease on the adjustment, pick one of those kinds.

7 Best Desk for Dual Monitors Review

When you’re thinking of paying for a dual monitor desk, then you’re not it doing for the physical body but the ease that’ll come along with it. So, why would you ask for anything but the finest one? This is why we thought of getting you a list of the top 7 that can get you everything you can ask for in a desk. It starts with –

1. Vari- Sit & Stand Desk for Two Monitors

Vari- Sit & Stand Desk for Two Monitors
Vari- Sit & Stand Desk for Two Monitors

You don’t want to get rid of that favorite table of yours but also want to put the dual monitor on it? Well, VariDesk Pro Plus 36 from Vari is here to save the day and your desk too. Even if you’re running short on space this awesome desk ain’t going to let it be an issue.

Adjustable Two Tier Design

The first thing that is impossible to ignore in this amazing piece is its 2 spacious tiers. With a perfect-sized adjustable upper-tier, you can easily put both of your monitors there.

And in case you need to put your laptop or notebook there, its36” x 12.25” tier will be more than enough for all of them. Don’t worry about keeping your mouse, keyboard, or papers as the lower tier will be there to handle them.

Convenient Lifting Mechanism

But what if you feel like you’re not having the right line of sight? Don’t worry; in no time, you can get it in a position you like as it has the rowing-lift raising mechanism. All you need to do is just squeeze the handles below.

Zero Assembling

Ever heard of the word ‘assembling’? You ain’t going to see anything like that here as this one comes fully assembled. Just put it on the table and it’ll be ready for the action.

11 Height Setting

What literally amazed us about this dual monitor stand is its height settings. It has 11 height settings and on none of them, you’ll get any shaky feeling. A share of thanks goes to its high-quality material for that too though.

Safety and Durability

Guess what? The spring-loaded lift has gone through thorough tests just to make sure you’re getting all the ease and safety you need right there. And wobbling? Count the chances are nearly zero there with its heavy weighted base.


  • The two-design is spacious enough.
  • Doesn’t need any assembling.
  • The desk height can be adjusted.
  • Highly convenient and safe to use.
  • Comes with 11 height settings.


  • Need an existing desk for the setup.

2. Seville Classics- Adjustable Standing Desk for Two Monitors

Seville Classics- Adjustable Standing Desk for Two Monitors
Seville Classics- Adjustable Standing Desk for Two Monitors

We often see our chairs doing all the compromises with the height while sitting in front of your PCs. But seems team Seville Classics thought of walking on a different path with the AIRLIFT Pro S3. This adjustable desk is capable of getting your PC on any height you want, doesn’t matter you want to sit or stand.

Spacious Design

Don’t think that the makers have forgotten to take care of the main purpose of this 54” X 28” desk. You can simply call it nothing but the ideal desk size for dual 27 inch monitor. Plus, in case you need some extra space for your laptop, it’s got that covered too.

Dual Motor with AIRLIFT buttons

Now jumps in the wow factor – the dual motor. Feeling like you’re a little short for the desk? Pick a height between 51.4” to 25.6” and it’ll be in position before you know it. But that ain’t the end of the story. To get it done, all it needs is a gentle push on its AIRLIFT buttons and a few seconds.

Easy Installation

The problem with this kind of desks is the humongous time they eat up with the installation. Thankfully, the makers made a wise move by cutting it short and took the time down to a few minutes.

Ergonomic tabletop

What to say about its cool-look Ergonomic tabletop? With the curved edge, it has literally nailed the visual appeal part.

Weight and Carrying Capacity

In case you need some changes in your desk’s position, this 120 lbs desk ain’t going to suck much of your energy to make the move. But what about the capacity? Well, put anything the weighs 264 lbs or below on this durable ETL certified desk, it can handle that like a feather.


  • Comes with a decently spacious dimension.
  • Usable in standing and sitting positions.
  • The adjustment can be done in seconds.
  • Built with a lucrative design.
  • Comes with ETL certification.


  • No storage space.

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3. Z-Line Designs- Desk for Dual Monitors with Keyboard Tray

Z-Line Designs- Desk for Dual Monitors with Keyboard Tray

Looking for a desk that can both serve your purpose and give you’re interior a touch of elegance? Well, then your wait is over because Cyrus Workstation from Z-Line Designs is here to pull that off.

Material and Design

Do you too feel like that wooden touch is old-school now? But when you’ll have a look at the cherry wood finish backed by the black accent of this contemporary style desk, the next word that’ll come out of your mouth is ‘Wow’.

Besides, it’s designed in a way where you won’t even have a problem with tucking your chair in. And what to say about its solid glass made top? The tempered glass with perfect clarity has simply got this dual monitor mobile workstation a sensational look.

Plus, the black border all over it has made it nothing but safer. Along with that, the bottom platform is spacious to hold anything you put in it like a CPU or printer.

Rolling Castors

A computer table ain’t anything so light that you can just pick it up and put it anywhere. But team Z-Line Designs thought of not letting it be a drawback of their creation by adding rolling castors in it. Now you just choose the right corner and the castors with smooth mobility will take it there before you know it.

Big Space

Now the question is, will it be big enough as the best dual monitor setup for work? Well, with a dimension of 48 x 26 x 36 inches, we don’t think you’ll have to worry about that even a bit. Plus, when you’ll pull the keyboard drawer out, you’ll get some spare space there too.


In its name, you probably have noticed the word ‘Workstation’. So, you can bet on that it ain’t made just to hold your monitors. To be honest, you can simply use it just like a table but with a lot more versatility. So, it’s up to you whether you want it for your regular works or want to make it your next gaming workstation.


  • Comes with a versatile design.
  • Solid top delivers strength and clarity.
  • The bottom platform can easily hold anything.
  • Big enough to be a perfect workstation.
  • The castors ensure smooth mobility.


  • The design is a bit bulky.

4. Arozzi- Gaming Computer Desk for Multiple Monitors

Arozzi- Gaming Computer Desk for Multiple Monitors
Arozzi- Gaming Computer Desk for Multiple Monitors

It’s time to have a glance over something a bit ‘out of the box. No, we ain’t saying the next one on our list can fly, but it definitely is enough to get your attention with its humongous space and cool look. Yes, it’s the Arena Gaming Desk from Arozzi we’re talking about.

Huge Top

We’ve so far talked about dual monitors only. But this 14 sq. Ft. gaming top can simply take in up to three monitors with ease. So, if you’re looking for the pure gaming experience, you ain’t going to miss that on this one at least.

Custom Mouse Pad

You might’ve heard about brands making desk with a place for the mouse. But team Arozzi thought of making the whole desk a mouse pad. So, they made a custom mouse pad with 5-mm thickness for the entire desk. So from now on, you won’t have to look for a space to keep the mouse.

Moreover, it has slots in the front in case you need to slip the wires of your mouse and keyboard through it. With the perfect cable management system under the desk, no one will even be able to see the cables under the desk. By the way, the pad is water-resistant and machine washable too.

Load Capacity

Doesn’t matter if you’re used to playing with the heavier gears. This awesome desk comes with a load capacity of 176 lbs. So, that ain’t going to be a problem anyway.

Color Variation

Nobody asked you here to stick to a single color. If it doesn’t match your interior or you just don’t like it, you’ve got plenty of options to choose from. So, you decide which one you’d like to get from black, white, red, blue or green.

Height Adjustment

Don’t think team Arozzi has kept something important as height adjustment out of their list. All you need is just lose some screws to get it on the right height. What else do you need in a gaming computer desk for multiple monitors when you’ve got so much in a single one?


  • Wide enough to hold three monitors.
  • Has a decent load capacity.
  • The huge cover pad is water-resistant.
  • Available in five different colors.
  • Has the perfect cable management feature.


  • Doesn’t come with an easy assembling process.

5. Bush Furniture- Home Office Desk for Dual Monitors

Bush Furniture- Home Office Desk for Dual Monitors

Enough with the high-tech desks. Let’s check out something a bit more aristocratic. It’s the Cabot Computer Desk from Bush Furniture that taken over a slot in our topper’s list. Don’t think this home office desk for dual monitors is anything less than the hotshots you’ve seen so far. To be honest, it’s more than it looks.

Wide Workspace

The first thing that catches the eyes right after its awesome design in this L shaped desk is its wide workspace. Doesn’t matter in which direction you’re planning to work, it’ll get you 60” of workspace on both sides.

So, even if you need some space between dual monitors it ain’t going to be an issue for sure. And the depth? Well, count a 24” of depth on the left side. But if you want to move to the right side, the number is 20” there.

Integrated USB Hub

Team Bush Furniture has made a wiser move in this desk by getting it the Integrated USB hub with 4-ports. So, if you’ve struggled so far with keeping your device connected, that ain’t going to happen in this one at least.


We don’t how many of the makers can get you an organized desk like this one. That’s because with the concealed storage cabinet there’s no way for you to have a scattered desk from now on. To back that up, it also comes with a cubby shelf, box drawer, and file drawer.

Visual Appeal

If we had a trophy for visual appeal on the basis of elegance, probably Cabot Computer Desk would’ve won that in the first place. They’ve left no stone unturned to make sure that you’re getting a piece of furniture worth looking at twice, as once won’t be enough.

What haven’t the makers given it to make it look beautiful? Perfect scratch-resistant finishing, stylish fluted-glass door, Chrome-finish hardware – you just name it and it’ll be there.

Weight Carrying Capacity

Like all the other features, the makers have also taken this part quite seriously. Otherwise, why would’ve they given this desk a weight carrying capacity up to 200 lbs?


  • Comes with huge surface space.
  • Has a higher visual appeal.
  • Ensures enough storage facility.
  • Has built-in USB hubs.
  • Can carry up 200 lbs.


  • The height can’t be adjusted.

6. Need- Dual Monitor Workstation Desk

Need- Dual Monitor Workstation Desk

Do you know the best thing about simple computer desks with no Heebie-jeebies on the design? They give you a peaceful vibe yet get the job done effortlessly. Team Need has tried something like that with their AC3BB-160 computer desk.

The Perfect Dimension

With its 63″ of length and 23.7″ of width, you will have more than enough space to put your monitors on it without even a chance of wobbling. Plus, if you want you’ll have spare spaces for your laptop too. So, rather than roaming for a dual monitor mount with laptop stand, bringing this one in will get you everything you need.

Adjustable Desk Foot

Often when we put a table on uneven ground, it tough to get rid of the shaky feeling until we’re doing something to make it stable. What we mostly do is putting something under the shaking feet.

But team Need has eliminated that hassle once and for all. They’ve got the desk foot that you can adjust just in seconds. As a cherry on the top, it comes with a triangular junction design to enhance the level stability more than ever.


When you’re swiping your card for a table, you’re definitely not expecting it to breakdown in a few months. But the makers of this table have simply taken the level of sturdiness and durability to a whole other level. They got this solid particle wood made desk a metallic frame with 1.2 mm thickness.


Ain’t it the biggest headache while you think of getting a new table to execute your dual monitor setup ideas? But thanks to its easiest assembly process that you won’t have to waste more than 5-10 minutes to get it ready for your monitors.

Durable Board Cover

Having a scratched surface on a beautiful table surface is probably something closer to a nightmare. But you won’t have to deal with it as the AC3BB-160 has a durable board cover to handle all kinds of scratch and wear.


  • Made of durable material.
  • The workspace is huge.
  • Resistant to scratches and wear.
  • The installation takes only 5-10 minutes.
  • Adjustable foot ensures better stability.


  • Has no storage facility.

7. Tribesigns L-Shaped Corner Desk for Dual Monitors

Tribesigns L-Shaped Corner Desk for Dual Monitors

We’re just about to wrap up but not without reviewing the final one on our list. Well, call it a perfect workstation or L-shaped gaming desk for a game freak, you’ll be right in both ways. What else can pull those titles off like the H0856 Computer desk from Tribesigns?

Reliable Construction

We ain’t using the word ‘reliable’ just because this 66.14″x49.21″x29″ desk is made of super sturdy engineered wood. From space to stability, team Tribesigns has ensured everything in this with the solid steel frame backed by the mechanical design. This structure is so strong that it can carry up to 450 lbs easily.

M-Style Buckle Design

Imagine a desk that doesn’t even need the screws, just getting the parts together is enough to make it a strong structure. Wait, you don’t have to imagine it anymore because the makers of the H0856 has made it possible by getting it an M-Style Buckle Design.

CPU Stand

We don’t know where they’ve got this idea but adding a CPU stand was nothing but a smart move. Now whenever you’ll look at it, rather than getting visual distortion, you’ll find it appealing each and every single time.

Foot Stand

Team Tribesigns wanted to make it something different, something comfortable. Maybe from that idea, they thought of adding a foot stand on this desk. Might not sound anything big, when you’ll put feet on the stand you’ll get a perfectly comfortable posture for working.

Safety Corner

How would you feel if you’re rushing to the PC and gets a bump on the sharp corner of the desk? Won’t it be a painful experience? But don’t worry; the makers of the amazing desk have eliminated that chance once and for all by getting it the safety corner design.


  • Comes with sturdy construction.
  • Has a free CPU stand.
  • Wide L-shaped design.
  • Safety corner reduces the risk.
  • Can carry up to 450 lbs.


  • Instruction could’ve been more clear.

The Benefits Of Using Computer Desk For Two Monitors

It ain’t easy to break the circle always but to get higher ease, sometimes it’s better to come out of it. If you’re planning to use two monitors at a time, things are pretty much similar there. But if you know what comes with it, then we bet you won’t think twice before getting a dual monitor desk setup.

Boosting Up the Productivity

Imagine if you had to do everything with one hand? Can you ensure that your productivity level would’ve gone any higher that way? We know you’re nodding your head and saying NO.

The same goes when you’ve got a ton of things to do but using a single monitor to get them all done. But if you go for dual monitors and the right desk, it’s possible to boost your productivity up 60%.

Simultaneous Operation of Multiple Programs

If you’re a designer, then you already know how troubling can it get when you’re doing it all on a single monitor. But the same things get super easy to take care of when you have two of them.

So, if you go for dual monitors and desk, then you’re doing nothing but taking the hassles down. This way, it doesn’t matter if you want to run Photoshop and Illustrator at once, you can do that without jumping from one tab to another.

Easing Up the Video Chats

It often gets hard to work when you’re in a video chat or something like that. But when you have a dual monitor desk with the required setup, you can keep the video chat up as long as you want.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What size desk do I need for 2 monitors?

Basically, it depends on the size of the monitors you’re picking up. If you’re asking for a desk for 27” monitors, then you’ll need at least 56” on the tabletop. Getting a desk with a few inches more will get you some extra space for smaller items.

Does all desktop support dual monitors?

It’s entirely dependent on the graphics card you’ve got in your computer. As most of them support dual monitors, we don’t think you’ll have any complications there. But if you’ve got two graphics cards, you can use up to four monitors at a time.

Should your desk face the wall?

If you want to take your level of distraction down, it’s better to put the desk in a way where it faces the wall. Some might think this makes them feel claustrophobic, but it’s also true that putting the desk in an open space causes more distraction than regular.

How much space do you need behind a desk for a chair?

It’s better to have at least 24” of space behind a desk for the chair. We’re not saying that a bit less than this will do any harm, but keeping that much space makes it easier to move freely. In case you’ve got a bigger chair that you think can collide with the wall or cabinet in the back, keep 30” there to be on the safe side.

Decision Time: Which Will be The Best Dual Monitor Desk For You?

Well, if you want a clear answer, then here it is. We think it’s the Varidesk Pro Plus 36 from Vari is the best option among all the desks we’ve reviewed so far. Let us tell you why.

The first thing here that made us think that is the Adjustable Two Tier Design that gives you the complete freedom to use it in any position. Plus, the Zero Assembling makes it nothing but easy as pie to have on your desk in no time.

On top of that, you don’t even need a new table to use it. The old one is more than enough to do that. And the convenient lifting mechanism with 11 height setting, has taken its flexibility to a whole other level.

Final Words

When you’re looking for the best desk for dual monitors, you just can’t avoid going into the alley of confusion. That’s because a ton of options with similar features out there makes sure you don’t reach the one that you need in the first place.

But we don’t think that’s going to be easy anymore because now you know which one can actually get your job done. Now, it’s your time to have that smile of victory.


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