Best Desks for Video Editing in 2022 – Buyers Guide

Best Desks for Video Editing

Editing videos can be fun if you like the job. However, sometimes your favorite job may seem tiring if you don’t have your comfort zone. And that starts with a desk.

You see, video editing needs way too much focus than any other typical jobs out there. To make sure you can edit your videos efficiently and have the workstation of your dreams, you need to get your hands on the best desks for video editing.

Need some recommendations? Here are the top 5 we’ve picked for you. Give these reviews a read and see if these desk suits you or not.

Best Desks for Video Editing Reviews

Below are the reviews of our top 5 video editing desks. Do your homework, keep notes if it needs. Who knows? Maybe today’s the day you get to build your dream workstation.

1. Walker Edison Furniture L Shaped Glass Desk

Walker Edison Furniture L Shaped Glass Desk

When you’ll want something stylish but yet it holds the simple vibe, you’ll meet something like the L shaped video editing desk by Walker Edison. This has got everything to be on our priority list. And guess what? It can be on your list as well. Want to know all about its features? That’s what we’re about to talk about.

The very first thing that your eyes will catch is its L-shaped design. Spill the wow out of your mouth as you check out the slender aesthetic the video editing table shows off. Your workstation will have a new life. 

Do you see the tempered glass on it? Yep, the all polished and beveled glass adds a shimmering shine to the desk. 

As for durability, thanks to the steel frame that has got your back. The desk stays put and stable and you won’t be seeing any corrosion or rust anytime soon. The credit goes to the powder-coated finish it comes with. 

Besides, it can hold up to 100 pounds of weight. So, from now on you won’t face much of a problem keeping your heavy-weight stuff on it, 

With all that being said, you’d want to know about your comfort as well. We can tell you you’ll have all the comfort in the world. Take the sliding keyboard tray for example. 

You can easily use it while your hands get the room to stay relaxed. Let’s not forget the CPU stand which doesn’t only allow you to keep your CPU in it but also add a new premium aura to the décor. 

The best part? As you can see the film editing desk has got two sides, you can mount your keyboard tray it comes with on either side. Now, that you don’t see every day.  

After you set it up, just take a few steps back and see the whole set-up. You’ll love the futuristic computer hub you’ve just created that comes with a minimalistic look. No, it won’t eat up too much of your space. Rather, it will blend in perfectly with rooms with space issues. 

Overall, we think it’s one of the best l shaped computer desks and there’s no doubt about it.


  • The L-shaped design gives it a premium aesthetic.
  • The tempered glass on the desk shows off a shimmering shine.
  • Thanks to the steel frame, you get the durability and stability you need.
  • Can hold up to 100 pounds of weight.
  • Comes with a sliding keyboard for your comfort.
  • There’s a CPU stand with the desk.


  • You may find the keyboard tray a bit cramped.

2. SHW Espresso L Shaped Desk

SHW Espresso L Shaped Desk

For someone who wants a desk that gives more like a regular office or home-office vibe, the Espresso from SHW is something worth talking about. This space-saving beast is hands down one of the most top-rated l shaped computer desks you’ll find in the market. You can ask why. Here’s the reason.

With this desk in your arsenal, you won’t have to worry about keeping your multiple computer setups in your room. You can fit up to 2 large desktop computers pretty easily. As for laptops, you can keep 4 regular sized ones without any problem. Cool, eh?

Don’t frown your eyebrows. We’re not talking about a bulky space-hungry desk over here. Let it be a big room or a small one, you’ll have the desk blend in perfectly with every environment without occupying much of a space. 

So if you’re someone who’s renting a small apartment or an office, you can go with this L shaped desk with your eyes closed. Besides, for someone who’s a bookworm, the open shelves will provide added space. 

The best part? The cords of your computer are not going to mess up the looks at all. Thanks to the two grommets the desk comes with, you can keep them organized in your way.

As for its construction, it’s the wow-factor we tell you. You’ll love the wooden finish that boasts the bold dark color. The makers have blended Espresso with wood grain material to make it look posh while it gets to maintain its durability.

When it comes to assembling it, we don’t think it will kill much of your time. We found it super easy to set up. However, if you do find a bit hard, you can use the step-to-step instruction in the hardware that comes with the set.

If you want to move it to a different room, you can do it with ease as well. Thanks to its 7-ounce weight in total, moving it is easy-peasy. 


  • Can fit up to 2 large desktop computers or 4 regular-sized laptops.
  • Comes with a compact shape and size.
  • There are open shelves where you can keep your books.
  • With the two grommets, you can keep the cords organized.
  • Shows a wooden finish and bold dark color.
  • Woodgrain material gives you the durability you need.
  • Comes with easy-to-follow assembly instruction.
  • It can lift up to 7 ounces of weight.


  • Could be more durable.

3. Atlantic Gaming Desk

Atlantic Gaming Desk

Let’s talk about another space saver that gives you the comfort zone you deserve while editing your videos. Speaking of the Atlantic Gaming Desk. Yep, it’s meant for gamers but then again, you can use it as a pro editing desk if you want. Why it stands out? Let’s see. 

It may look like a small computer table but trust us, it has got way more nooks that will help you for storing your extra things. Take the phone charging stand for example. You can charge your smartphone while keeping it on the stand.

Plus, there are speakers stands on the computer desk. Not to forget about the under-desk basket to throw your trashes and the controller stands as well. You can keep your headset on the headset hook.

Finally, so that you can have your ‘me-time’ with some coffee, there’s a cup-holder as well. See? Told you it’s not your regular computer corner desk.  

We didn’t talk about keeping your monitors yet, did we? Well, as long as it’s big as 32 inches in shape, you can keep your monitor on the desk while it won’t eat much of a space. 

However, if you’re running a PC below that size, you can still keep 1 standard-sized monitor and 1 laptop on the desk. The best part is how you get to organize it. The main computer will be on the main working surface the desk comes with.

In front of it, there’s this raised stand, on which you can keep your laptops. In a nutshell, it looks insanely awesome. 

All these packed up altogether in a small-sized desk means you never have to go for a bulk-sized mammoth and fill the space of your room again. 

As for the durability, the desk shows off a stainless-steel leg construction that has joined hands with a laminated top. The top is basically a carbon fiber that has a charcoal color. 


  • You’re getting charging stands, speaker stands, an under-desk basket, cup holders, and many more.
  • A monitor worth 32 inches fit easily on the surface area.
  • Comes with a compact shape and size.
  • Stainless steel leg construction allows it to have enhanced durability.
  • Laminated carbon fiber top with the charcoal color.


  • You’ll need a lot of time to set it up

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4. Ameriwood Home Dakota L Shaped Video Editing Desk

Ameriwood Home Dakota L Shaped Video Editing Desk

If you take a close look at Ameriwood Home Dakota, you’ll know that it’s for those who need a video editing desk for office. Even if you use it for your home, it will give that office-like look. We think it’s perfect for the home office. Let’s show you what it has got. 

The reason we’re reviewing it is that it’s basically an l shaped desk with bookshelf. So, if you’re a nerdy bookworm, who loves to read books in his break, you can go for it without your eyes closed.

Thanks to the 2 open shelves on the side of the desk, you can store all of your knick-knacks. Let it be your film books, your camera or whatever you want to store, the photography workstation desk is great to take in anything. 

Now, as you take a look at it, don’t think even for a second it’s going to break your bank. Like, the MDF and the laminated particleboard can make it look so expensive. But to be very frank, this desk is just a mid-range budget thingy.

Let’s focus on the design a bit, shall we? We know the Espresso is a charmer. The sleek design makes it aesthetically appealing. However, that’s not where it ends. You can also choose the Black Oak color, the Dove Gray, Rustic Oak and White.

Don’t scratch your head while you’re thinking how much weight it’s going to hold. That’s what we’re going to talk about now. The whole desktop can hold up to an impressive 100 lbs of weight. 

Each side shelf (yep, it has 2 side shelves as well), on the other hand, can bear 35 lbs. Meaning, in total this l-shaped desk can hold up to 170 lbs of weight. You can keep at least 2 desktop computers that come with average size. 

Another cherry on top is its wire grommets. With these, you’ll be able to keep your wires organized without them getting tangled.


  • There are 2 open shelves where you can keep your essentials.
  • MDF and the laminated particleboard enhance the strength.
  • The Espresso finish and sleek design make the desk look rich.
  • It can hold up to 170 lbs of weight altogether.
  • The wire grommets keep the wires organized.


  • The paint may fade away from time.

5. IRONCK Rustic Computer Desk

IRONCK Rustic Computer Desk

We’re going to close the review section with the small computer table from IRONCK. For someone who wants it simple, this computer desk can meet his/her demand. 

Now, just because we called it small, don’t think even for a bit that it doesn’t have the space for your computers and extra essentials. You’ll still have a lot of space to get comfortable with. 

The desktop itself is as wide as 55 inches. Yep, you’ve read it right. So, if you’re planning to keep multiple monitors and laptops on it, you can simply give it a go. We mean this will be the best computer desk for dual monitors.

Now that was just your computers taken care of. What about some books and notes? Well, there’s an open shelf under the desktop which is pretty easy to access. If you want, you can keep your books, pens, pads and diaries. 

Wait a minute. Don’t frown your eyebrows when we said the shelf is UNDER the desktop. It’s made in such a way that there’s no way your knees will get any bump. Just keep on working with all the comfort in the world. 

Missed something? The décor. We don’t need to convince you that this cheap corner desk comes for video editing comes with a posh look. You can see it all by yourself. 

Thanks to the perfect combination of metal and wood design, the edit desk shows off an industrial charm. So when you’re adding this small corner desk in your house, you’re basically adding a new décor to your space. 

As far as durability and sturdiness are being concerned, this table boasts a thicker metal frame that allows it to face the toughest challenges and still stand out as one of a kind. 

The tabletop is made of P2 grade MDF board, which has got enhanced durability and strength. As a result, the table can hold up to 500 lbs of weight without a problem. 


  • The desktop is as wide as 55 inches.
  • You can keep multiple monitors on it without having a hard time.
  • There’s a wide shelf under the desktop for storing essentials.
  • The combination of metal and wood design gives the desk an elegant look.
  • Comes with a thicker metal frame and P2 grade MDF board for durability.
  • The desk can hold up to 500 lbs of weight.


  • Doesn’t come with a keyboard tray.

Video Editing Desk Buying Guide

If you don’t know what features you need to consider before purchasing a video editing desk, you can end up buying the wrong product. To make sure that doesn’t happen, here is some advice for you. We’re talking about the most essential features you need to take into account.


Make sure the desk you’re buying fits in a small space. This is why we prefer the L-shaped ones more than anything. These desks fit inside a small space and look pretty elegant as well.


Get yourself a desk that’s made of heavy-duty material. You need to keep an eye on the frame as well. If it’s made of strong metal, let’s say a solid stainless-steel, you can go for it.

Size of the Surface

If the surface area of your desk isn’t a big one, you won’t be able to keep a larger sized monitor or multiple monitors. We know how important it’s for you to use multiple monitors for video editing. This is why always go for a desktop that comes with a wide surface area.


If the desk doesn’t have multiple shelves, it won’t do you much of a good. You need to keep your essentials in it, don’t you? This is why it’s a must for you to have multiple shelves.

Weight Capacity

The stronger your deck is, the more weight it can bear. If you buy a video production desk that can’t bear much of a weight, you’ll end up breaking it if you keep a lot of things on it. This is why it’s better for you to go for the desk that can hold at least 100 lbs of weight.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the benefits of using an L shaped desk?

L shaped desk gives you more space than other desk types. If your office is quite small and you want to save your space, an L-shaped desk is your best bet. 

Besides, with traditional desks, it can be pretty tough for you to reach the desk surface. However, with an L-shaped desk, you can reach all the surfaces easily. 

Another great plus is the fact that most L shaped desk comes with shelves where you can keep your books in. Even if you get a small l shaped desk, the space you’ll get will be enough for you.

How to keep your computer desk clean?

You can follow the instruction below

  • Keep your necessary things close by. The pens and papers should be within your reach.
  • Put the monitor of your computer on a stand. This will keep the surface space clean and you can clean it from time to time easily. If it’s possible, you can install some extra shelves above the computer desk.
  • If you’re using multiple monitors, keep them organized by deciding which monitor goes where.
  • Try keeping fewer items on the desktop. Rather keep your essentials on the shelves. Get rid of the things you don’t really need.

Which tablet is best for video editing?

Well, you can go for an iPad Pro if you want. The 2018 version is quite good for heavy-duty tasks. If you think it would be a tough thing for you to afford an iPad Pro, you can get yourself a Microsoft Surface Pro 6.

What specs do I need for video editing?

We’d suggest you go for at least 16 GB RAM while we recommend 32 GB. The processors ranging from i5 to i9 can get your job done easily. We also suggest you go for at least 256 GB of a hard drive that comes with 7200 RPM. However, for the fastest performance, you can go for SSD. 

As for the graphics card, a Radeon Pro 2GB will do all the job done if you’re dealing with a 4K display.

Wrapping Up!

That was all about the best desks for video editing. If you’ve chosen which one to go for, it’s only a few more steps to go. You just need to get to the market and get yourself the one very desk you need. No matter which one you get your hands on, we’re pretty sure you’ll win.


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