Best Ergonomic Office Chair Under 300 Dollars

Best Ergonomic Office Chair Under 300 Dollars

300 bucks say the chairs in your office aren’t either comfortable enough or a bit too comfortable. For an office chair, you want the perfect lumbar support with comfortable enough cushioning.

And while ensuring all that you won’t want the company to go broke. So to help you find the best ergonomic office chair under 300, we have scoured the entire internet.

These chairs are good for the spine, help maintain posture, and most importantly are comfortable. So read our top picks to learn more about them, and see where they stand! We assure you, at the end of this article, you won’t go empty-handed.

Best Office Chairs for Under $300

Now, we will look at the best office chairs under 300 bucks. We will cover the top brands out there, and ensure we deliver reviews that are fresh, unbiased, and informative.

1. Komene Adjustable Ergonomic Mesh Desk Chair

1. Komene Adjustable Mesh Desk Chair

This ergonomic high-back desk chair is the perfect piece of furniture that can add a premium feel to your basic office room. It is designed with a high-density strength mesh that will let your back breathe when you’re sitting for a long time.

The hand rests on this chair come with soft PU padding, and you can adjust the heights according to your need. With this feature, you can have the perfect hand coordination to help you if you have Carpal Tunnel problems.

Now that we are talking about posture, this chair has a tilting feature integrated to ensure proper lumbar support to your curves. This desk chair with a headrest is also slightly bigger than the typical chairs, which helps get an upright stance.

The backrest on this chair measures about 28 to 30 inches, and you can raise the height to about 10 inches.

If you’re wondering whether you can lock this high-back executive ergonomic office chair at specific positions or not, then let me tell you that you can. The chair will recline fully along with being locked at four different positions.

The first position is elevated, the fourth is wholly tilted back, and the second and third positions are between them.

Weighing just about 50 lbs. this chair can support up to 300 lbs. of weight. As the seats are also made of mesh material, they seem slightly firmer than the padded ones. 

But the frame is also going to be exposed as there won’t be much space left between you and the mesh frame. This might be a bit uncomfortable for some users.


  • Completely adjustable height, armrest, headrest, and backrest.
  • Perfect for those with back pain but still need to sit for longer periods.
  • Very versatile as you can rotate it up to 140 degrees to the back.
  • Fully meshed seat for extra comfort.


  • A bit too pricey.
  • Doesn’t come fully assembled.

2. Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair

2. Duramont Adjustable Office Chair

The Duramont ergonomic mesh office chair with headrest is similar to other high-top office chairs but has more quality comfort and simple features to adjust the position correctly.

For extra comfort, Duramont did include padding on both armrests. If you want to go for a more cushioned surface than the usual ones to rest your arms, this is an excellent choice.

Whether you are relaxing or working extra hours or you need to sit on something that will ensure your back stays unharmed to get a proper stance, this is an excellent option to go for.

This high-back office chair with lumbar support also gives you control over the intensity of the support. You can easily control it with a knob system that is integrated with the chair.

As this is an ergonomic high back chair, you get a tall mesh back stand that is about 42 to 46 inches long. You can elongate the height to about 10 inches for people who are over 6ft. tall.

The Duramont comes with three reclining options to take the chair back at 90, 100, and 120 degrees. For further reclination, there is a tilt-adjustment knob that will get you some more control.

This product weighs about 45 lbs. which is somewhat lighter than the other products on our list. This durable office chair can take up about 330 lbs. of weight that is pretty good given its price range.  

If you’re worried about the seating, then you’ll be glad to know that this chair has thick and comfortable cushions. To reduce pressure from your calf muscles, they included a sloped front edge on the seats with a mesh layer for further ventilation.

However, slight carelessness can trap crumbs and other dirt on the mesh layer, which will be pretty tricky to clean.


  • Comes with rollerblade caster wheels that will roll on any surface smoothly.
  • Easy installation.
  • Somewhat affordable.
  • Has a knob under the chair that lets you rock back very easily.


  • The seats don’t have any depth adjustment.
  • Some customers got frail products.

3. NOUHAUS Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair

3. NOUHAUS Ergo3D Chair under 300

Our top pick for a swivel office chair with arms, and even though it might not be the best-looking chair on our list, it surely does provide a lot.

Firstly, let’s talk about the resting surface for our delicate hands on this chair. You can move this chair with adjustable armrests in all four directions, and you can also adjust the height.

All these features make up for the lack of ergonomic design that the armrests seem to be missing.

The Ergo3D can extend up to 135 degrees, starting from 90 degrees when it comes to the reclining feature. It self-adjusts with your lower back, and whenever you’re tired from sitting idle all day, it will move with you reclining backward.

You can change the heights of the seat to about 18.1” to 21.9”. And also get versatility for people that are 5 ft. and people that are 6 ft. tall.

Nouhaus came up with a technologically advanced feature called Dynamic Variable Lumbar that shifts the chair’s backrest dynamically as you position it. This gives you just the right amount of support to sit for long hours without any back pain of any sort.

From the overall construction of the chair, you can guess that it is targeted at medium-sized people. So, this 46 lbs. chair can only take up to a maximum of 265 lbs.

Even if it’s not a big deal, most medium-sized people will still prefer it because of its versatility. But if you are someone that also wants to get a good-looking chair, a factor this chair lacks, then check out our next product.


  • Armrests are adjustable in 3D for extra support.
  • Has ElastoMesh that will allow your backs to breathe and be comfortable.
  • Constructed with heavy-duty iron making it very durable.
  • Comes with an additional set of wheels.


  • Can’t hold up much weight.
  • Lack of padding can be uncomfortable for prolonged use.

4. Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Chair

4. Gabrylly Mesh Chair under $300

Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh chair is the sleekest and the most unique looking chair on our list. You get a high-quality mesh all over the chair’s body, including the headrest, backrest, and seat.

This ergonomic office chair with flip-up arms rocks a solid and sturdy surface. You can quickly push the arms back when you’re not using it to save up more space and put it under your desk. The height can be changed too using the buttons that are on the armrest.

The most important part of an ergonomic mesh office chair with adjustable arms is the backrest that supports your back for long hours without causing any pain. It has the right amount of curve to provide lumbar support without causing any pressure on your hips.

The breathable mesh headrest not only will let air flow properly for ventilation but also give your neck good support.

The backrest can be tilted for up to 120 degrees and has a knob under the chair to control your backward reclining tension.

The chair’s height is also maintained with a lever positioned right under the chair’s seat. It is also extremely durable without compromising the looks that most people prefer nowadays to give their offices a minimalistic look.

Given so many nice features, you are getting this chair at such a reasonable price that it is enough to put it at the top of our best desk chair under 300.

This tilt-back chair weighs about 41 lbs. and has a weight capacity of 280lbs. only. As the chair’s outlook feels big and bulky, it might not be the right choice for ‘big’ people.


  • Looks very modern as it is fully adorned with mesh.
  • Comes with foldable armrests.
  • Can be assembled within 15-20 minutes.
  • Has quiet PU casters that are good for rough floors.


  • Doesn’t tilt properly.
  • Not for people that are a bit big or are over 6ft.

5. SIHOO Ergonomics Office Chair

5. SIHOO Office Chair under 300 dollars

Another premium-looking product on our list as well as the most popular one. Seeing this product and knowing how well it is at such an affordable price, we’re sure you’ll go ‘take all my money.’   

This ergonomic mesh chair with headrest has the main focus on providing the user with comfort. The headrest is multi-rotational, which can be increased and decreased in terms of height. The lumbar support area is also adjustable as you move with the chair.

The armrest on this chair can be rotated in three directions and up to 36 degrees, giving you a good position to rest your arms after hours of typing.

The seat’s height ranges from 43.5 to 53.5 cm that you can increase up to 10 cm more in accordance with your height. The cushions of the seat include a nice flowy design that will keep your thighs stress-free.

This chair’s polished aluminum framework looks good with the meshwork and gives sturdiness to the chair’s main body. 

This chair also has a PU caster like the other chairs on our list for a quiet move-around in the office during break time.

This chair leans back from about 90 to 120 degrees like the usual high-back chairs.

You can change the tension with the control knob to regulate the resistance while swaying back and forth or locking the chair at your ideal posture.

This chair weighs just over 40lbs. but can carry up to 330 lbs. of weight. This is pretty great as people of all sizes can use this, making it a top contender for the best office chair under 300.


  • Padded armrest for extra comfort.
  • A great modern and clean, ergonomic chair.
  • Can be adjusted in every aspect according to your fits.
  • Great solid build that will last years.


  • Customers have complained about the armrest gliding away at times.
  • Lacks a seat panning mechanism.

6. STARSPACE High Back Large Executive Swivel Chair

6. STARSPACE High Back Large Executive Swivel Chair

Next up we have a personal favorite – the High Back Large Executive Swivel Chair from STARSPACE. Ever see something that just looks so comfy that you keep wondering how comfortable it actually is? Well, this ergonomic swivel chair from STARSPACE is guaranteed to make you feel the same as that.

This model from STARSPACE is one of the most durable office chairs on our list today. It’s perfect for taller and bigger persons as it has a super sturdy premium quality metal base and seat plate.

The weight capacity can go up to 400 lbs which is a major plus point for best desk chairs under only 300 bucks. So if you are tired of cheap ergonomic high back desk chairs that can’t support your weight, you need to try out this swivel chair immediately.

The High Back Large Executive Swivel Chair is made from bonded leather which is comparatively environment-friendly. The seating arrangements feature top-notch high-density foam paddings with a heavy-duty metal base for maximum comfort. In addition to that, the gorgeous black leather finish is responsible for the shiny, sleek and overall comfy-looking design.

The built-in inner springs add to the overall sturdiness and comfort of this model. The design is perfect for both your ergonomic, gaming and streaming purposes. Basically, anyone who needs to put in the long hours on their computer.

The swivel chair comes with an S-shape back cushion system that will provide you with great lumbar support. As a result, no matter how long the working hours are, your backbone will be relaxed, supported and immune to physical damage.

This ergonomic swivel chair also comes with a high backrest which is super comfortable for your spine and neck. Especially for people over six feet.

Anytime you are way too tired, just lean back and enjoy the ultimate soft and comfy headrest. Similarly, the waterfall-style seating edge is designed to increase blood circulation in your legs. Quite literally the best of both worlds, isn’t it?

Among other special features, there’s the 90-120 degree backrest tilting angle mechanism and a surround 360-degree maneuverability.

Overall, when it comes to the best ergonomic office chairs under 300 bucks, this definitely packs the most punch in terms of both stability and comfort.


  • Great for all types of desk jobs and long streaming sessions.
  • S-shape back cushion system provides great lumbar support.
  • 5 sturdy and durable metal casters for easy 360 degree movements.
  • Ability to raise the seat higher or lower by using a lever system.
  • Freedom of increasing and decreasing the tilt tension accordingly.


  • A bit difficult to assemble.
  • Some of the customers mistakenly received the wrong parts.

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7. Clatina Ergonomic Executive Swivel Chair

7. Clatina Ergonomic Executive Chair

Last up on the list for today is another one of the ergonomic mesh office desk chairs with adjustable arms. This high swivel executive chair is from Clatina and as always, a great product from such a trusted brand.

This model has the ultimate dream team configuration when it comes to adjustment facilities. It’s practically designed to be adjusted accordingly to your preferred seating arrangement.

Starting from seat height and depth to armrest height and angle, adjustments are available for everyone. You can also change the backrest tilt angle and tension to your preference.

This great office chair uses nylon as its cover material which provides the overall longevity of the model. In addition to that, the mesh backside is designed to act as a breathable backrest for your body.

This is honestly a great feature since backrests with leather covers often cause much discomfort and relentless sweating. You can also develop rashes in your back if you keep sweating for a long time. The mesh breathable backrest provides a proper solution to all these problems.

Alongside five sturdy casters allowing easy movement in every direction, you can also go for a 360-degree swivel stance. The chair seat back will recline from 90 up to 135 degrees to provide you with maximum comfort. Now, stretch and be comfy at all times while working those long hours.

In addition to the backrest, you can also achieve a max 45-degree reclining tilt in this chair.

Due to its breathable and comfy ergonomic design, this chair can be used for multi-purpose activities. Plus, it is highly durable and can support up to 275 lbs with ease.

All in all, a great choice if you are looking for the best ergonomic office chairs under 300 bucks.


  • Mesh backseat certified for enhanced breathability.
  • Customized adjustable design for everything.
  • Soft and high-quality armrests.
  • Great lumbar support.
  • Optimum 135-degree tilt in the backrest.
  • Super easy five-step assemble.


  • Low weight capacity.
  • Some customers received defective products accidentally.

What to Look for in An Ergonomic Chair in the $300 Range

When searching for the best office chair under 300 (or in the $300 range), there are obviously a few key aspects you should look out for.

While these features may be many in number, and everyone may have different opinions about them, we will try to cover the most basic and general features.

That way, you will have a rough idea regarding what to look out for. So read on for more!

Comfortable Seat

The seat is the central part of the chair, and any chair, whether it is for office use, or temporal use, needs to have a seat that is comfortable.

Now comfort can take many shapes and forms, but when it comes to chairs, the seat is usually designed or made in a certain way to ensure comfort for everyone.

The best seats are usually made of mesh fabric. The reason is simple: mesh is a porous material, and thus allows the smooth circulation of air.

In areas where the temperature rises fast, and humidity is always an issue, a meshed seat can do wonders.

By keeping the air circulation flowing, it induces a cooling effect, and also eliminates any type of dampness that may arise.

Height Adjustments

An ergonomic high back chair must also have good height adjustment features, It should be smooth, easy to fix, and also easier to go back to the previous elevation if needed.

Height adjustment is sometimes an issue with several office chairs, even top branded ones.

With poor height adjustments, your comfort levels will always remain low, and thus you will end up feeling a nagging discomfort, even if everything else is fine.

So make sure you lookout for this feature when going shopping for a good ergonomic chair under $300.

What to Expect from an Office Chair for Under 300 Dollars

Time to cover some key points in this discussion of office chairs under 300 Dollars.

Here, we will show you exactly what you can expect when buying such a chair, and also provide useful tips and tricks to make the selection easier.

This section is for anyone who wants to have a better experience in the office, so do not miss it!


We will start with the most basic aspect, which is the material of the chair itself. This is often overlooked for other factors, but its importance is paramount in the long run.


Fabrics are very common, and they are used throughout the world for making quality chair seats and covers.

They have several upsides, and some include that they are attractive to look at, feel comfortable, and easy to dust off.

However, the fabric can be ruined easily, especially if liquids or stains come into contact with it.

If your chair material is fabric, then you have to be ultra-careful regarding spills. As a good measure, do not eat and drink sitting in the chair.


Another very common material for chairs is leather, and it is also one of the most common ones.

Leather looks very classy, very stylish, and also feels good to the touch. Furthermore, it is very easy to clean, and also quite resilient.

However, there are also certain issues associated with leather, and they usually concern the cost. Compared to their fabric counterparts, leather is much more expensive and thus will go tough on the pocket.

Leather also wears or fades off rather quickly if not maintained, so in order for the chair to always look pristine, you must maintain it regularly.


Mesh is another very popular material when it comes to chairs, and you will also observe that ergonomic office chairs with headrest often have meshed seats.

Mesh allows the free passage and flow of air through the chair. It acts as a good channel for air to circulate through.

This has multiple benefits. For one, it keeps dirt out, as the dirt is recirculated with air at all times.

Another benefit is the cooling effect it provides. The cooling effect is also due to the rapid and frequent circulation of air.

The hot air is taken out and replaced with cool air from the surroundings. Mesh does have a potential disadvantage. It is tough to maintain and is also prone to damage.

If the mesh gets blocked, air will no longer be able to circulate as freely as would have before.

Solid Five Star Base with 360 Swivel

A Solid base is crucial for stability, and without it, the chair could tilt. The star shape is not arbitrary, and it helps maintain a low center of gravity.

The solid five-star base comes with a 360-degree swivel. This means that you can rotate the seat a full circle, and this allows more degree of freedom during movement.

With a full swivel, you sometimes do not even need to get out of your chair to get something nearby, you can just rotate the seat a full circle and grab what you need.


Adjustments are key to any chair, and without proper adjustments, even the most expensive and fancy chair becomes uncomfortable.

By adjustments, we mean a number of things actually. For instance, an expensive high back executive chair with headrest may be super comfortable to sit on, but it may not even have height adjustment features.

This means you are always fixed at a certain height, and thus unable to maneuver yourself with ease.

For people who are taller than average, height adjustments are sometimes crucial to maintain good posture.

Another feature includes adjustable armrests. Armrests must always be adjustable to reduce fatigue on the joints.


The final point we will cover in this section is the crucial aspect of ergonomics. Ergonomics include a wide array of features, and they all involve keeping the body in shape when sitting.

This includes keeping the arms straight and parallel to the desk, keeping the eyes focussed on the screen, and also ensuring the legs are not crossed.

All these features together ensure that the person maintains good posture, keeps the eyeliner at a safe level, and most importantly, does not experience any discomfort in the joints.

Ergonomic features are a must to look out for, and when possible, always try to buy a chair that encompasses at least some of the features we mentioned.

Other Things to Look at an Ergonomic Office Chair

Since we covered the main aspects of things to look out for in an ergonomic chair, there are still a few minor points to go over.

These features will add a better dimension to the chair, and thus make the investment more worthwhile.


The style refers to the type of side features and options the chair has to offer. This may include lumbar support, arm support, back support, and so on.

The style is largely dependent on the person using the chair, and there is no one suitable style for all. Freestyling is allowed, provided comfort levels are maintained.

Correct size specifications and a weight capacity

Sometimes, getting the correct size can really be an issue, especially for people who are slightly taller or heavier than average.

For them, the wrong size specs could result in a very uncomfortable situation, and might even lead to back trouble, aches, and muscle problems.

The weight capacity is also equally important. If the chair is not built to support enough load, it could break down during use. Both aspects should be thoroughly tested before purchase.

Easy assembly with clear instructions

No one likes furniture that is difficult or takes forever to assemble. The same applies to chairs.

Even ergonomic high back chairs are not exempted from this issue. If it takes too long to assemble or is complicated to put together, chances are people will not waste time on it.

For this reason, easy assembly and clear instructions go hand in hand. Both should be provided to ensure that the user has to endure minimal fuss to get the chair ready for use

Features to consider when choosing an office chair

When looking at some amazing office chairs, we notice that most have a few key features in common.

Here, we will discuss the features characteristics to consider when choosing an office chair of choice. Hopefully, this segment will help you focus on the right aspects from the word go.

Time of Use

Perhaps a much overlooked aspect is how long you will use the chairs on a day-to-day basis.

Some people end up using an office chair for hours on end, and others use it for a combined of a couple of hours at most.

This actually comes down to your work schedule, and also the load of work. If you work for extended periods, then comfort is a must.

It should also act as a support for your backbone, as leaning on an uncomfortable surface for too long can be harmful to the spine.

Height and Weight

Another very important aspect of choosing comfortable and durable office chairs is the height and weight of the person who will sit in the chair.

If a person is of a larger and heavier build, the structure and size of the chair will be a bit different as opposed if it’s being sat on by a person who is of a smaller build or frame.

A taller framed person will need more space, and thus this factor plays into the choosing equation.


Armrests are vital no doubt. If you are going to be sitting for a while, your arms will need a break, and the armrest comes into play. For a good effect, make sure that the armrests are well padded.

Furthermore, ensure that they are not too soft or too hard either, as they can lead to discomfort.

Why You Should Invest in an Ergonomic Office Chair

It is important to know why you should make the investment for the best desk chair under 300. Knowing so can propel you to make the purchase faster and get the best possible deal.

Medical Benefits

Ergonomic office chairs have been medically proven to have a number of great benefits, some of which may even alleviate any current issues you have.

For one, they are really good for your back, and thus the back support is top class. Old fashioned chairs were not modeled to be comfortable, but ergonomic chairs change that.

They are designed to induce a high level of comfort and also eliminate bad posture, which may arise otherwise.

All this combines to counteract back pain, and also help those who deal with stiff back muscles.

Easy to Use

Using these chairs is simple, fast and not to mention, very efficient. The best part about them is that they are really easy to adjust to.

The principal reason for this is that they usually come in a number of size categories.

That means there is a size for every body type, height, and weight. Furthermore, they allow better reclining, leaning, and seat height adjustments, as opposed to their more-traditional counterparts.

Long Lasting

While longevity can depend on the user to a large extent, there is no doubt that ergonomic chairs are a lot more durable.

Some can even last for decades and still retain their comfort and adjustability features.

However, there is a bit of maintenance you should do on your part, just so that the chair does not burn out or get damaged too soon.

Try not to rough handle it too frequently, and don’t let it bump into other furniture too much.

What makes a great ergonomic chair?

Let us now take a quick look at what makes an ergonomic chair even better. In short, these features make the chair great as well!


Everyone wants an office chair with an adjustable headrest, and the reason is obvious, as the neck is a pressure point.

This means the neck has to defy gravity more than other parts, and thus this takes a toll. A great ergonomic chair will also have an equally great headrest.

The headrest should cover the length of the head and should also be padded. This ensures that you can rest your head when taking a break.


An equally important part of ergonomic chairs is armrests. Most ergonomic chairs with adjustable armrests are popular today solely because they allow your arms to adjust during work.

As your arms are often overworked, be sure to make use of the armrests, and if its adjustable, and the height or length can be varied, that is even better.


Just like everyone wants office chairs with headrest, ergonomic chairs with wheels are equally important.

They allow more mobility, and also they also allow the user to move without even getting up.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some questions that might be popping in that head of yours, and the answers to them.

Are ergonomic office chairs worth it?

Yes, they sure are! They possess some amazing features and also boast very high comfort levels.

Furthermore, they are safe, good for the body, and overall induce a good user experience.

Are mesh office chairs better?

This depends on your definition of better. For some people, mesh office chairs are the chairs of choice, while for others, mesh chairs just do not cut it.

The important thing to understand is that mesh chairs allow better air circulation, and that surely gives them an edge over other types of chairs.

Is it better to have arms on office chair?

An office chair with adjustable arms is quite the asset. Your arms will experience fatigue at some point, and having arms on the chair will ease that a bit.

Adjustments are also easier, and you can set the length as you please. So all in all, it is better to have arms on office chairs.

Are high back office chairs good?

This depends on the level of back support that they provide. If the back support is stable, then yes, high back office chairs are a pretty good choice.

If they result in poor posture, then it is better to avoid them.

Final Thoughts

We hope you thoroughly enjoyed our reviews on the best ergonomic office chair under 300, and we also hope you were enlightened as well.

Choosing a good office chair is no easy task, you have to keep a lot of factors in mind and maintain those. After all, you want that perfect productive environment in your office while remaining comfortable enough.

Our recommendation would be to get any of our top picks and rest assured that it would be a smart purchase.


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