Best Ladder for Gutter Cleaning in 2023

Best Ladder for Gutter Cleaning

Do you have any idea how many injuries are taking place every year just from falling? 164,000! Just imagine you got yourself included on that list while cleaning your gutter. That’s not going to be a pleasing sight we guess.

But we don’t think putting a ladder with low-grade material, insufficient height, and zero flexibility can save you from that. So, from the thought of putting the best ladder for gutter cleaning on your table, we’ve managed to find out the finest gutter cleaning ladders you can ask for.

They’re adjustable, have the perfect height, stronger material, lightweight design, and anything you’d like to have in your next ladder. Want to check them out? Well, they’re on your way. All you need to do is scroll down.

What Ladder Size Do You Need To Clean Gutters?

Clearly, not all the houses got the roof with the same distance from the ground. So, before you grab your one, you need to have a clear idea of the size that can get the gutter cleaning job done. There are two types of houses with a gutter on the roof, one-storied and two-storied. So, go with the size accordingly.


For one-storied houses, 12.5-13 feet is the best ladder height for cleaning gutters. But make sure that it’s adjustable as gutter cleaning is not the only task where you’d need a ladder. If you’re used to the meter measurement, then it’ll be something between 4 to 4.25m.


For obvious reasons, you’re going to need a longer one here. So, if the size is 24 feet, feel free to count that as a good ladder for gutter cleaning. In meters, that’ll be 8m. We guess that got you your answer what height ladder to clean gutters should have.

How We Chose These Gutter Cleaning Ladders?

If you’re thinking that we’re looking for ladders that can hit only the height of your roof, then you’re simply wrong. We don’t think any ladder is worth calling the best type of ladder for cleaning gutters before we go through the following aspects –

The Reach

For obvious reasons, the height is the first thing you’re going to need to get your gutter back to a clean state. So, none of the ladders we included are below the standard height which is 4 meters.

Weight Carrying Capacity

Indeed the weight of a human is hard to carry for any structure like a ladder unless they’ve got sufficient weight carrying capacity. That’s why we’ve only put those ladders on our list which can hold a weight up to 250 at least.


No, we’re not here to make you grab anything that can’t change a little shape when you need it to be. So, each of the ladders we’ve picked can be adjusted as per your need. Just don’t forget to learn how to clean gutters with ladder before you go for the right one.

5 Best Ladders for Gutter Cleaning Reviews

Well, the wait is over! Here are the top 5 ladders you’ve been looking up to –

1. Little Giant Multi Use Ladder

Do you know the easiest way to turn your roof into a ticking time bomb? Just stop cleaning the gutter and that’ll ruin both your exterior and interior in no time. But it’s impossible when you’ve got something as good as the Multi Use Ladder from Little Giant.

There’s no position that you can’t have with this multi-position ladder. It’s totally up to you whether you want the 17ft. ladder to be an extension, A-frame, 90-degree, trestle-and-plank, or staircase to clean up the gutter. By the way, you can grab other variants of it as well with the height of 13, 22, and 26 feet.

On top of that, the Rock-Lock adjusters don’t take much time to let you get those configurations. For giving it the strongest structure possible, the makers have used aluminum which we think was a wise move.  

And load capacity? If you’re not more than 300lbs, this Type-IA ladder can hold you up as long as you want. By the way, its weight is only 39 lbs. But you don’t have to worry about the portability as the Tip and Glide wheels on the bottom make the transportation part easier.

In case you’re feeling like carrying all required tools while working on the gutter, the tool pouch it comes with is enough to help you out with that. Now comes the question of certifications. Well, it meets OSHA & ANSI standards which have already pushed it ahead on the race of best step ladder for cleaning gutters.

Highlighted Features of Little Giant Multi Use Ladder

  • The multi-position design allows having all the required positions for tasks.
  • Impressive load capacity can carry anyone within a weight of 300 lbs.
  • Tip and Glide wheels make the transportation part easier than ever.
  • Strong tool pouch keeps all required tools together while cleaning gutter.
  • Aluminum-made structure is lightweight and strong at the same time.

2. Louisville FE3224 Extension Ladder

Are you missing the classicality of the ladders lately while looking for the next ladder for cleaning your gutters? Well, we think the FE3224 Extension Ladder from Louisville can fulfill your wish for classic ladders without compromising essential features.

This 51lb ladder in a sense looks old school but knows how to hold anyone up a weight of 300lbs. On top of that, with the perfect design and smoother finish, there’s a feeling of satisfaction all over it.

But what we liked the most is the Steel-Swivel Safety Shoe backed by a metal shield. This made this ladder more stable and safer than ever.

Due to being made of fiberglass, the strength is up to the mark. And yes, it has non-conductive rails. So, you don’t need to take a headache while using it near any electric point. By the way, its Rail End Caps are mar-resistant, in case you were worrying about the protection of your landing surface.

In the question of height, it can hit any of the two-storied houses with its 21′ height. Even adjusting it is simply a piece of cake with its quick-latch system which also maximizes the security. And if you’re thinking about better traction, the D-Shaped Rungs got that part covered.

One more thing, this ladder comes with size variations like 16, 20, 28, 32, 36, 40 feet. So, if you’re not happy with one size, go to the next.

Highlighted Features of Louisville FE3224 Extension Ladder

  • The fiberglass structure can hold a weight of up to 300 lbs.
  • Non-conduction rails keep you protected from electricity.
  • Mar-resistant rail end caps ensure total protection to the landing surface.
  • Steel-Swivel Safety Shoe pushes the safety and stability higher.
  • D-Shaped Rungs improves the overall traction to a better level.

3. DeWalt DXL3020-16PT

We won’t blame you if you think of nothing but the traditional ladders while cleaning up your gutter. But when you’ve got something like the DXL3020-16PT from DeWalt, not only you’ll get the classic taste but also the modern features you’ll need more than ever.

This extension ladder is made of fiberglass and has a super sturdy construction that can handle a weight of up to 300-lbs. Clearly, that one number is saying more than enough about rating which is Type IA.

Its durable top is backed by tool slots which don’t only ensure total stability on different corners but also irregular surfaces. On top of that, its rubber tread keeps the work surface protected along with eliminating chances of slipping off while you’ll be getting up to clean the gutter.

And thinking about locking rungs? Well, the quick latch got that part covered. Plus, it makes using the ladder super convenient. But one of the worst parts of this kind of ladder is the noise they make while moving them. Thankfully, this one got rung-end caps to keep the noise out of the game.

In case you’re looking for a variation in height, this ladder comes in 24 and 28 feet variations to let you have your convenient size.

Highlighted Features of DeWalt DXL3020-16PT

  • The rubber tread ensures total protection of the work surface.
  • Fiberglass construction pushes the load capacity up to 300-lbs.
  • Size variation allows having the right model as per the roof height.
  • The rung-end caps cut off the chances of noise during transportation.

4. Little Giant SkyScraper Stepladder

There’s nothing new to say about the brand Little Giant but we do have something to say about their SkyScraper Stepladder. After all, when it comes to what ladder to use to clean gutters this name pops up in the toppers list.

This ladder is made of aluminum. But we weren’t surprised to see that as team Little Giant knows how to use aluminum and convert it into a super solid ladder to make it last impressively longer. But we’re not entirely happy about the weight as 66lbs is a bit heavy in our eyes.

One of the best things about this 15′ A-frame ladder is it can easily take to your dirty gutters no matter how uneven the ground is. In a sense, it’s going to get you all the stability you need. And yes, its non-slip feet also do share the credit for its amazing stability by delivering a better grip on the ground.

By the way, we don’t know if you’ve noticed the safety straps integrated into this ladder or not, But the truth is, this is what has maximized its security in the first place. By meeting OSHA & ANSI standards, this ladder has made itself an option worth relying on.

We haven’t told you about the weight carrying capacity, have we? Well, it’s 300 lbs. So, you’re not going to find too many adults out there whose weight it can’t handle. In case you’re in need of reaching higher, it’s got the U-Locks which give you the freedom length adjustment anytime you want.

Highlighted Features of Little Giant SkyScraper Stepladder

  • U-Locks, ease up the length adjustment as per your need.
  • Aluminum-made construction boosts both strength and durability at once.
  • The A-frame helps with keeping the ladder stable on uneven grounds.
  • 300-lbs carrying capacity makes carrying adults of any age easier.
  • The non-slip feet land a stronger grip over the ground to eliminate slipping.

5. Xtend& Climb Pro Series 785P+

Can you name a ladder that goes up to a height of a few meters but can also come into a size of a few inches? Well, we can and it’s nothing else but the Pro Series 785P+ Telescoping Ladder from Xtend& Climb.

From the name you’ve probably already guessed it’s a telescoping one. But this one got an amazingly strong construction made of aluminum which can go up to a height of 15.5′ easily along with carrying 250lbs.

And the closed size? That’s just 36″. So, you won’t be needing any big space to store it up. We think this size has played a major role in making one of the most portable ladders for cleaning up your gutter.

On top of that, with a weight of 36lbs only, it won’t make you shed any sweat while carrying it. To make it more convenient, it’s got a carrying handle as well. Like a cherry on the top, its Clean-Touch Anodized Finish has made the cleaning part a piece of cake.

Thanks to its Double over-molded feet which won’t only deliver better durability but will also give better performance on the traction. And to let hands be in the proper position, it comes with Angled Thumb-Release.

Highlighted Features of Xtend& Climb Pro Series 785P+

  • 36′ size in collapsed mode makes it easily storable.
  • Easy to carry anywhere with the help of an integrated handle.
  • Double over-molded feet improves the traction and durability.
  • The Clean-Touch Anodized Finish eliminates the hassles on cleaning.
  • Decent weight carrying capacity of 250lbs is perfect for adult users.

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Best Ladder for Cleaning Gutter – Buying Guide.

If there’s anyone who can answer what is the best ladder for cleaning gutters, it’s you. But that’s only possible when you know clearly what to look at and that’s what we’re about to tell.

  • Height

The first thing you need to check out while getting a ladder is the height. After all, why would you spend your cash on something that can’t even make you reach your roof? So, before you pick your one, make sure that it’s compatible with your roof height whether it’s one-storied or two.

  • Strength

Do you know why the strength or load capacity matters so much in the first place? That’s because your entire safety depends on it to a huge extent. Never think of getting a ladder that has a load capacity less than 250 lbs.

  • Stability

One moment of imbalance and the next thing you might see can be a hospital bed. That’s why the next thing you’ll have to be careful about is having sufficient stability. Try to prioritize a design that improves the level of stability.

  • Adjustable Legs

It’s almost next to impossible to find a single user who has bought his ladder just to clean up the gutter. This is the reason why you need to check out if the ladder is coming with adjustable legs or not. Otherwise, giving it your desired position will become harder than ever.

  • Material

No matter how many features a ladder is coming with, none of them are going to make it good enough unless the material it’s made of is a good one. In the race of material quality, aluminum and fiberglass are mostly preferred as they ensure both durability and lower weight.

Tips: How to Use Ladders Safely

In the beginning, we’ve already told you how many injuries are taking place every year just from falling. That one number is enough to make you understand why you need to use ladders safely. But playing safe here is nothing but a piece of cake if you just follow a few tips like –

Tip – 1: Keeping it Tied

Keep the ladder tied so save yourself from any kind of unwanted accidents. You can use bungee ropes with hooks to get it done.

Tip – 2: Using Safety Gears

Tasks that require physical effort like gutter cleaning are always subject to using safety gears. So, don’t even think about taking that part lightly. Use goggles, safety shoes, and gloves before you jump into the war with your gutter.

Tip – 3: Look for Cracks

Keep your eyes open for any cracks on the ladder. Even the smallest one can lead you to a bigger danger. So, you better keep the ladder well maintained.

Tip – 4: Avoiding Uneven Ground

When you’re placing the ladder, avoid any kind of uneven ground. Otherwise, you might lead yourself to an accident due to imbalance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to place a ladder when cleaning gutters?

When it comes to how to position ladder to clean gutters, make sure that you’re putting it on a level foundation as any uneven ground can cause accidents. At the time of putting the ladder, also maintain an angle of 45° so that you can have enough support there.

Can you put a ladder against a gutter?

Don’t even think about it, unless you’re in love with the concept of a broken gutter. As they’re not made to handle too much weight, pick a resting point on the roof strong enough to support the ladder.

How to tie off a ladder to the gutter?

Take a bungee cord of 38 to 40 inches. If your ladder needs a bigger one, go for it. Put one of the metal hooks of the cord on the edge of the gutter, wrap the ladder with the cord, and put the other hook on another edge. This will keep the ladder secured and stop it from falling off or moving.

Which one is better – Type-IAA rated or Type-IA rated?

For household work, we don’t think you’re not going to need anything more than the Type-IA-rated ones. They’ve got a carrying capacity of 300. On the contrary, Type-IAA-rated ones are made for being used in heavy-duty works with 375 lbs. carrying capacity which is required more in professional works.

Final Words

Nobody said that you can’t grab a random ladder and try cleaning up the gutter. But the truth is, you wouldn’t have come here in the first place if you wanted anything less than the best ladder for gutter cleaning

Now the problem is, even five options can leave you confused while making a buying decision. So, it’s better to cut short the options. 

If you’re asking for easier portability, nothing will suit your requirement more than the Xtend& Climb Pro Series 785P+. But if you’re thinking on a different track and asking for positional versatility, then pick Little Giant Multi-Use Ladder.

And in case, you want nothing more than ease on length adjustment, then go for 4. Little Giant SkyScraper Stepladder. So, which one you’re planning to get?


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