10 Best Office Chair for Neck and Shoulder Pain

Best Office Chairs for Neck and Shoulder Pain

You don’t have to be any orthopedic to know that working hours on an uncomfortable chair will induce pain in certain places of your body. So, if your current office chair isn’t providing the necessary support to your neck and shoulder area, it’s high time you get rid of it and purchase a new one right away.

The best office chairs for neck and shoulder pain will have a comfortable headrest and backrest to release your stress and provide maximum support for your neck and lumbar area. In some high-quality chairs, there are many more ergonomic features to make your working hours less painful.

But finding the perfect chair on your own isn’t an easy task as you need to go through hundreds of brands available on the market today. To save your time and energy, we did the homework and listed the finest office chairs for you. So let’s dive right in.

10 Best Office Chairs for Neck and Shoulder Pain

To come up with the best office chair for neck and shoulder pain, we went through the top brands and judged the features that will help you with your back and neck pain. Check out our list and pick the right one as per your needs.

1. Gabrylly- Best Mesh Office Chair for Neck and Shoulder Pain

For our first pick, we have chosen an absolute all-rounder for you. Gabrylly offers you the best adjustable office chair for neck and shoulder pain that’s breathable and easy to install.

To provide sufficient support for your neck, shoulder, and lumbar area, the chair features a long, adjustable headrest and seat rest. The headrest supports three types of adjustments including bracket adjustment, tilt adjustment, and vertical adjustment. So, you can easily set the headrest in different comfortable positions.

This way, you don’t have to work in a single position for hours and it’s a great way to reduce your back neck pain. As the seat, backrest, and headrest are made breathable, you can say goodbye to discomfort during the hot summer days. The chair can support heights from 5’5″ to 6’2″.

Apart from the headrest and backrest, the armrest is also adjustable. You can easily fold the armrest just by pushing a button. Hence, you can easily adjust it under your desk. The large mesh seat can be tilted and positioned at 90~120°degree angles allowing you to ensure maximum support for your shoulders and lumbar area.

Since the package includes clear instructions and all the necessary tools, it will take you only 15 to 20 minutes to assemble the chair. This comfy chair with its sturdy construction can carry up to 280 lbs.


  • Large mesh seat with headrest and backrest provides adequate support.
  • Adjustable headrest and backrest can be reclined at various comfortable positions.
  • Breathable structure allows proper airflow to keep you cool.
  • Easy to assemble in only 20 minutes.


  • Very few reclining options

2. Steelcase Gesture- Overall Best Office Chair for Neck and Shoulder Pain

A premium quality chair that will take care of your neck and shoulder pain, this particular model from Steelcase is stylish, super-comfy, and highly versatile.

Thanks to the unique design and the seat, it combines with the backrest to function as a single synchronized system to provide continuous support for your neck and lumbar area. Also, the seat, back, and headrest are padded with soft foam to always keep you comfortable.

Say goodbye to neck pain with the amazing adjustable headrest. You can easily set the padded headrest upward or downward and forward or backward as per your needs. As you don’t have to stick with only one neck position anymore, there will be no chances of neck pain at all.

For your shoulder and lumbar area, the chair offers an incredibly synchronized system that mimics human movements and adjusts according to the user’s height. There are only two adjustment knobs placed on the right side of the chair allowing you to set the resistance of the backrest.

The adjustable backrest offers four recline options. You can set the chair upright or at a full reclined position. Plus, there are also two comfortable reclining positions in between. Therefore, your shoulder and waist receive persistent support no matter which position you choose.


  • Fully padded with soft foam to comfort your upper body.
  • Adjustable headrest provides continuous support for your neck.
  • Easy to recline with two highly responsive knobs.
  • Seat and backstop work in synchronization providing shoulder and waist support.


  • The chair is expensive

3. NOUHAUS Ergo3D-  Best Executive office Chair for Neck and Shoulder Pain

With its unique backstop design, the NOUHAUS Ergo3D office chair is convenient, supportive, and highly flexible. This chair is full of useful features allowing you to deal with your neck and back pain.

Unlike most office chairs, the backrest of this chair is divided into two parts. While the upper part is wide and straight to support your shoulders, the lower part is positioned in a slightly forward manner to comfort your lumbar area.

Both the backrest and headrest are breathable providing sufficient airflow to prevent sweating and sticking. You can recline the backrest and headrest at different angles up to 135 degrees. This means the chair will keep your body and neck relaxed and allow you to work in your favorite sitting position.

With the dual castors and five-point base, the chair provides higher strength and better stability in comparison to the regular chairs. The strong and durable metal base allows the chair to carry 275 lbs of body weight.

Due to the aluminum-made wheelbase and 5 blade wheels, you’ll be able to move the chair easily and silently over any type of surface. As the seat of this swivel chair can be adjusted upward or downward, this chair will fit you perfectly no matter what your height is. With all its useful features, this is easily one of the best office chairs for neck and shoulder pain.


  • Split backrest design to offer better support for both waist and shoulders.
  • Adjustable mesh chair prevents sweating by providing adequate airflow.
  • The backstop reclines up to a 135-degree angle.
  • Made from strong metal and wood to ensure strength and durability.


  • The seat isn’t adjustable forward or backward.

4. Duramont- Best Office Chair for Neck and Shoulder Pain Under $300

Want an affordable, super comfy office chair to work for hours without any neck or back pain? Then Duramont has just the right chair for you.

With its contoured design, the headrest will reduce the stress on your neck and shoulders. The headrest is wide and padded thickly with soft foam to provide unmatched comfort for both tall and short people.

On top of that, you can the height of the headrest and place it at various comfortable angles to fully support your neck. You can use the rollerblade caster wheels to easily move the chair and store it in any convenient location.

Thanks to the breathable mesh backrest, you can relax your spine and shoulders without sweating on hot summer days. Also, the backrest is noticeably long and wide making it easier to sink yourself inside the chair for providing better support to your shoulder and waist.

What makes this chair truly incredible is its build quality. Made from high-grade materials, the chair will last for decades. Also, its strong metal construction provides a load capacity of 330 lbs. Both the seat rest and backrest are thickly padded with soft foam to provide comfort all day long.


  • Contoured headrest design limits stress level on your shoulder and neck.
  • The headrest can be adjusted at different positions and heights.
  • Thickly padded seat and headrest ensure maximum comfort.
  • Strong and durable metal construction.


  • The seat cushion might get sunken after a few years.

5. CLATINA- Best Premium Office Chair for Shoulder and neck Pain

Need a stylish and posh chair to enhance the beauty of your office room? Then meet the CLATINA high swivel chairs with neck support.

Say goodbye to neck and shoulder pain forever with the full adjustment design of this chair. The depth and height of the seat are adjusted with a simple button. Moreover, you’ll be able to recline the seat and backrest from 95 to 135 degrees angles using an ergonomically placed 5-level tilt adjustment lever.

There is an adjustable knob too for allowing you to increase or decrease the tension of the backrest. Hence, you’ll be able to relax your shoulders and spine in between the working hours. With its reliable frame construction, the chair will be able to lift around 275 lbs.

To provide smooth performance, the backrest and seat are synchronized. The wide backrest provides enough room to relax your muscles. Although the seat, back, and headrest are thickly cushioned, the cover material is made breathable to prevent sweating. A large, cushioned headrest helps you to position your neck comfortably and minimize stress.

The best part? This chair has a very elegant look that will suit any room decor and enhance its beauty. You can easily place the chair in your office or living room to deliver a classy vibe.


  • Full adjustment chair for supporting various user heights.
  • Offers 5 reclining options to relax your lumbar and shoulder.
  • Padded with foam and breathable material to provide unparalleled comfort.
  • The good-looking chair suits the modern room decor.


  • Poor-quality base wheels.

6. Serta AIR- Most Breathable Office Chair for Shoulder and Neck Pain

If you want a perfect office chair with neck support and the highest breathability, then our next champ will surely impress you. The Serta AIR breathable office chair is a great choice for neck & shoulder pain and all-day comfort.

Made from a combination of mesh and bonded leather, the chair is highly durable and breathable at the same time. The surface will allow the air to reach your body while being a stylish addition to your room. A solid wooden frame is provided to support any body type.

Without a double, the main highlight of this chair is its AIR Lumbar Technology. This feature allows the chair to respond as per your body movements and pivots itself to provide sufficient support for your back and shoulders. Two side levers are placed conveniently making it easy for you to adjust the chair for your height.

As the seat, backrest, and headrest are cushioned, the chair will ensure your comfort and support your upper body. The headrest is attached to the backrest allowing you to recline the chair at your preferred angle and reduce stress from your neck and waist muscles.

For smooth rolling on any surface, the chair features 360 degrees swivel casters. You can buy this chair in 3 different colors: Light grey, cream, and black.


  • Made from strong and breathable materials to comfort your upper body.
  • The chair flexes and pivots according to your body movements.
  • Easy to adjust with ergonomically placed levers.
  • Reclines the back and headrest together.


  • The chair is heavy.

7. Steelcase Leap- Best Fabric Office Chair for Shoulder and Neck Pain

While many people prefer mesh, some of us still like the elegant look that fabric office chairs offer. So this time we picked the best fabric neck support chair by Steelcase for your neck and shoulder pain.

Available in 30 beautiful colors, this customizable chair is a perfect choice to adorn your office room. To provide neck support for office chair, the backrest is made long and wide. For most people, this works better than a headrest as you don’t have to adjust the back and headrest separately.

You can recline the backrest at 5 different positions and lock it at your preferred whenever you want. Also, the tension of the backrest can be adjusted just with a knob. Therefore, you can place the backrest firmly at an upright position while you work.

Or, you can release the tension for relaxing your shoulder, back, and neck muscles. Made from 100% polyester material, the cover is strong and long-lasting. While it might not allow enough airflow, the material will keep you comfortable anyway.

Apart from the backrest, the seat and armrest are also adjustable to suit your height and body type. The seat is large and cushioned allowing you to comfortably sink in it during your free hours.


  • A long and wide backrest provides support for shoulders and neck.
  • Can be reclined at 5 different positions.
  • Made from durable polyester.
  • Available in 30 vibrant colors.


  • The paint on the handles isn’t the best.

8. Staples FlexfitHyken- Best Task Chair for Shoulder and Neck Pain

So, you went through our previous reviews, but still looking for a simple, affordable task chair with neck and shoulder support? This particular model from Staples FlexfitHyken is everything you want and more!

Allowing you to work comfortably all day long, the chair features a mesh back, seat, and headrest. This will keep you cool and comfortable by providing sufficient air circulation. The headrest has a unique round design that supports your neck during your long working hours.

In addition to tilting forward and backward, the headrest can move right and left as well. As your neck gets extra support at different angles, neck pain will not be an issue with this mesh task chair. You can also set the armrests as per your needs.

Talking of armrests, both the arms of the chair are padded with soft textured foam to comfort and support your forearms and shoulders. To enhance the support even further, the dynamic backrest is made adjustable. So, you can tilt and lock it in three reclining positions for hours.

Since the base of the chair is made from high-quality metal, it’s extremely durable and carries up to 275 lbs. The 360 degrees swivel casters will always be fun to glide on any surface. Altogether, this chair is surely a bang for your bucks.


  • Features mesh back, seat, and headrest to provide all-day support.
  • The adjustable headrest offers sufficient neck support.
  • Reclines and locks in 3 different angles.
  • Sturdy and durable metal base.


  • Not suitable for tall people.

9. Ergohuman- Best Value Office Chair for Shoulder and neck Pain

If you’re concerned about the environment and always try to use eco-friendly products, then this might be just the right chair for you. Ergohuman offers you an ergonomic chair with a large seat and backrest to take care of your shoulder and back pain.

Although the chair has many useful features, the main highlight of this chair is surely the lumbar support. The lower portion of the backrest is pushed out a little further than the upper part. Hence, you feel less pressure on your shoulder area. Also, the backrest is auto-adjusted according to your body movements.

To provide better support for your neck and head, the headrest is uniquely designed with a deep notch to perfectly hold your neck and head. Moreover, the height of the headrest can be changed up to 2 inches. You can tilt the headrest and lock it in 3 different positions for better relaxation.

In comparison to a traditional office chair, the mesh upholstery of this chair provides more breathability to keep you a bit cooler. The seat is made wide so that both taller and smaller people can use this chair. You can adjust the height of the sit according to your needs. However, the seat might be a little uncomfortable if you have a thinner profile.

For long hours of typing and computing, the chair features padded armrests. The multidimensional armrest can easily slide backward and forward. So, when your hands lean forward, the armrests will move with you and come back to their original positions as soon as you move backward.


  • Eco-friendly, made from 97% recyclable components.
  • The auto-adjusted backrest provides excellent shoulder and lumbar support.
  • Features an articulated headrest that reclines in 3 positions.
  • Multi-dimensional padded armrests can reduce shoulder pain.


  • Not the best chair for people with thin profiles.

10. KCREAM High Back- Best Big & Tall Office Chair for Neck and Shoulder Pain

A classic leather office chair with optimal support, the KCREAM High Back is like a dream come true for users with shoulder and back pain.

The thickly cushioned headrest of this chair is attached to the backrest, providing proper support even when you turn sideways. Both the back and armrest can recline up to 135 degrees angles. According to many experts, this is an ideal angle for relieving neck and back pain.

When you tilt or move sideways, the cushioned back provides the highest support for your shoulders and waist. Also, the thick S-shaped backrest allows for minimal muscle movement. This can be particularly helpful if you have shoulder or back pain.

With its solid metal base, the chair can carry around 400 lbs of weight. The premium-quality PU leather cover looks luxurious and suits the modern office room decor. Both the base and leather upholstery make sure that the chair will serve you for decades.

Want more? Here’s the best part. The chair features a pull-out footrest that you can easily extend while you’re in a reclined position. This way, the chair provides the necessary support for your lower limbs. With this chair, you can comfortably take a power nap whenever you want.


  • Both the backrest and headrest recline up to 135 degrees.
  • Premium PU leather upholstery provides long-lasting performance.
  • Thickly cushioned with soft foam to ensure maximum comfort.
  • Features an extendable footrest to support your lower limbs.


  • Doesn’t offer much breathability.

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How to Choose the Best Office Chair for Neck and Shoulder Pain – Buyer’s Guide

Before making your purchase, you need to know what factors make an office chair suitable for supporting your neck and shoulder. Here are a few things you should consider to buy the best office chairs for neck and shoulder pain

Shoulder and Neck Support for Office Chair

As you’re buying the chair for your shoulder and neck pain, it’s essential to check out how much support the chair can provide in these two areas. Typically, the shoulder and neck area is supported by a headrest and backrest. The headrest can be fixed or articulated.

A fixed headrest is wide with a large cushion to provide support for your neck area. This type of headrest is found in executive office chairs. On the other hand, an articulated headrest can move at various angles following the user’s body movements.

The shape of an adjustable headrest is built conveniently to comfort your cervical spine. So if you’re suffering from neck pain, you surely need a chair with adjustable neck support.

Adjustable Armrest

Many people tend to ignore the quality and adjustability of the armrest while buying an office chair. However, checking out the armrests is important because poorly placed arms can lead to shoulder pain, eventually affecting your neck as well.

So, look for a wide and padded armrest that is adjustable. You should be able to easily adjust the height of the armrests to set them in a comfortable position while working.

Nowadays, many advanced armrests can mimic your body activity and change their positions according to that. Try to purchase this type of armrest for the best results.

Comfortable Lumbar Support

Of course, your office chair has to provide all the comfort and support you need to spend a big chunk of your day. A good chair with lumbar support works like magic in preventing back pain, shoulder pain, and joint pain.

To ensure maximum comfort, you need to check out the size of the backrest first. Purchase an office chair that is suited to your height and body type. In this case, adjustable backrests are a better choice as you can set them as per your needs.

Also, go for a chair with a long and wide backrest for providing sufficient support for your back and shoulder. The best chair for shoulder and neck pain will feature dynamic lumbar support. Dynamic backrests can pivot and flex to adjust the firmness and depth as per your body position.

This way, you can achieve the best posture and highest lumbar support. Most mid-range office chairs also feature various reclining options. These chairs can tilt backward to a certain angle allowing you to relax your back muscles. So don’t forget to check out the reclining options as well.

Build Quality

A chair with poor build quality will never last long. Such chairs easily lose their firmness and become dysfunctional after some time. You should buy a chair that is made from high-quality wood or metal. Plastic chairs are comparatively cheaper but they can’t handle heavy uses.

As for the seat and backrest, you can go for a mesh chair or fabric chair. Mesh chairs offer breathability and great support to keep you cool and comfortable. Fabric chairs offer less breathability but higher comfort.

The seat and backrest of fabric chairs are cushioned with soft foam. It’s best if you can find a chair that combines both mesh and fabric.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do ergonomic chairs help with neck pain?

If you’re used to spending hours working on a chair, then an ergonomic chair will surely help with your neck pain. An ergonomic chair offers correct postural support for your neck, back, and shoulders.

Also, the chair will support adjustment flexibility allowing you to place your neck in a comfortable position. Hence, an ergonomic chair will reduce abnormal strain on your neck, effectively preventing neck pain.

Can sitting at a computer cause neck and shoulder pain?

Sitting at a computer for several hours will cause postural strain on your back, neck, and shoulders. This is particularly true if you work in an uncomfortable and twisted posture.

It will start with soreness and end with muscle fatigue becoming more and more painful. To avoid this, try to place the computer right in front of your face instead of creating a left or right angle.

Should an office chair have neck support?

The necessity of neck support is rather subjective. Some people don’t require any neck support for optimal ergonomics whereas some can’t work at all without a headrest.

However, we recommend you arrange neck supports for chair to achieve a good posture and improve your comfort. A good office chair neck support will provide moments of relaxation and allow you to lean backward during your free hours.

Why does my neck hurt in my office chair?

The muscles of your neck are often strained when you sit in a certain position for a long time without any proper support. This is the main reason why your neck hurts in an office chair.

Also, most of us tend to slouch over or down while working causing a bad posture that eventually results in neck pain. If your office chair fails to provide enough support and comfort for your back, shoulders, and arms, it will also result in muscle fatigue and neck pain.

Which Herman Miller chair is best for neck pain?

The brand Herman Miller is popular for producing high-quality office chairs with proper neck, back, and shoulder support. There are many chair models from the brand with different features to meet the needs of a variety of people.

According to the users, Herman Miller Aeron H3 Carbon is the best Herman Miller chair. Although the chair is expensive, it provides great comfort and back support to reduce neck pain.

Wrapping Up!

So that was pretty much everything you need to know about the best office chairs for neck and shoulder pain. In our list, we have included the highest quality chair that suits almost all body types and effectively reduces shoulder and back pain. In case you’re still undecided which one to pick, let us help you a bit. Go for Gabrylly or Steelcase for overall satisfactory performance. Both the mesh chairs feature adjustable headrests and backrests. To support your neck and shoulder. In case you prefer leather chairs, choose KCREAM for the best experience.


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