7 Best Office Chair for Small Space in 2023

Best Office Chair for Small Space

Of course, those huge office chairs are going to be comfortable. But don’t you think they’re a bit too BIG for the office? On top of that, they’re going to be so expensive that you might have to write a bigger check this time. And what to say about the weight? Don’t get surprised if it weighs like a dead elephant.

Want an easier solution?

Well, we say just go for the best office chair for small space and see how it all gets better. With it, you won’t have to worry about the comfort, will be perfectly adjustable, will be lighter and of course, going to be cheaper.

But which one will you actually call the best? Well, you wanted one, we’re going to get you 7 of them. They all are waiting ahead for you.

Best Office Chair for Small Space Reviews

It’s time to reveal the lucky seven that have grabbed all the slots on our list of top office chairs for small space. Here’s the first one among them.

1. COMHOMA CH121- All Over Best Small Space Office Chair

1. COMHOMA CH121- Best Office Chair for Small Space

You’re looking for a chair that can be your next comforter and space-saver at the same time, right? Guess who is here to apply for that job? It’s “CH121” the best small space office chair from “COMHOMA”.

With almost zero chance of compromising your comfort, this chair comes with a Mid-Back backed by fabric mesh which is at its peak on breathability. So, rather than worrying about ending up with a sweaty back, feel free to throw yourself at it.

And the lower back pain? Count that out too with the supportive high backend. A fair share of thanks goes to its ergonomic design for pulling that off as it helps you in having the correct sitting posture.

On top of that, with 90° flip-up armrests, slipping the chair in tighter space has become a piece of cake, just like the finest office chairs for small spaces.

We know you’re among them who don’t like sitting on a chair like a robot for the whole day. Thankfully, you won’t have to do that too as the 90 to 105° rocking style will get you enough space to lean back and relax. 

Plus, the adjustable-height and tilt tension opens up the door of your preferred adjustments in almost every way.

Along with all these features, its 360° swivel casters can pick up anyone up to the weight of 300 lbs. The smoothness of the casters is something worth appreciating here too.

To get you a comfortable place to land your bottom, the makers have added not only a thicker but larger padded cushion in it. But that doesn’t mean they’ve missed the armrest. After all, they needed some cushioning there too, right?


  • Fabric mesh back makes zero interruption to circulation to your back.
  • 360° swivel casters deliver Hulkish strength to carry 300lbs.
  • 90° flip-up armrests minimize eating up extra space to a certain extent.
  • The thick and large padded cushion secures a comfortable place to sit.
  • Supportive high backend takes down the lower back pain.


  • Might not be the best choice for people with bigger size.

2. Yaheetech YA-445- Best Narrow Office Chair

2. Yaheetech YA-445- Office Chair for Small Space

Who doesn’t love to have a bit of a bossy vibe in their things? If you’re one of them too then we bet you’re going to love the YA-445 from Yaheetech. Who knew a combination of PU leather, Plywood, sponge, and metal could’ve been so perfect?

The chair comes with a dimension of 23 x 21.7 x 34.9 inches. So, clearly, you’ve got no chance of having problems with fitting in or to worry about putting it in smaller spaces. 

By the way, you can adjust the height up to 40.6″ if you like. All you need to do is just use the height-adjusting lever to make the gas lift cylinder useful.

While rotating it in any direction, you’ll feel like moving on cream due to the amazing smoothness this 360° swivel chair delivers. Like a cherry on the top, the 5 casters it’s standing on keeps the noise at zero while wheeling around.

In the attempt of making it the best comfortable Narrow Office Chair, the makers thought of nothing else but High-Elastic Sponge. So, while sitting on it, don’t blame us if you feel like drowning in total softness and flexibility.

On top of that, the PU leather has added some extra feather to its wings of comfort and durability. And yes, it’s waterproof too.

But don’t think it’ll give you scope to miss the ‘official’ vibe with zero armrests. The padded armrests might not be adjustable but they still can make your arms feel comfortable enough when you’re relaxing on the chair.  

If you’re worried about the weight carrying capacity, then it’s 264.6 Lb. Plus, to make it the perfect choice for any kind of interior, team Yaheetech has kept four different color options for you. Now you choose which would you like to have at your desk.


  • Durable PU leather makes the chair not only comfortable but waterproof too.
  • Keeps the movement noise-free with 5 mute casters.
  • 360° swivel feature gives the freedom to rotate in any direction.
  • Padded armrests make sure your arms are having a perfect place to relax.
  • Comes in four different colors to fit into any kind of interior out there.


  • The armrest can’t be adjusted or flipped.

3. Office Star 5700MB- Ergonomic Chair for Small Space

3. Office Star 5700MB

While picking up an office chair, one of the most common mistakes we see happening is choosing on the basis of comfort only. We wish everyone would have thought of making their chairs like the 5700MB from Office Star.

This small comfortable office chair comes with a mesh seat that literally has turned the chair into a pure source of comfort and breathability. It doesn’t matter you’re asking for comfort on your back or bottom, it can get you that in both places. So, you can call it the best ergonomic chair for small space.

But what if it doesn’t go with your height? Well, with the pneumatic seat-height adjustment mechanism with the one-touch feature, we don’t see how that’s even possible. On top of that, its assembling is so easy that anyone with almost zero ideas can get it assembled.

There’s one more that you’ll find lovable about this strong-structured chair with 250lbs capacity and that is the synchro-tilt with total adjustability. We haven’t seen too many chairs pushing weight distribution and circulation to such a higher level with its 2:1 ratio.

It also got Lumbar cushioning support to save your back from pain without messing with your spine’s natural curve. 

But that’s not the end of the story! It comes with Padded flip arms too for taking care of your arms while working. Besides, the heavy-duty silver accents have given it more of a visual appeal.

To keep your movement butter-smooth team Office Star has added dual-wheel carpet casters to this space saving office chair. And yes, it has the GREENGUARD certification too and the reason is nothing but its amazing indoor quality.


  • The pneumatic seat-height mechanism gives access to one-touch adjustment.
  • Superb synchro-tilt ensures better weight distribution with the 2:1 ratio.
  • Strong structure makes it open for anyone within the weight of 250lbs.
  • Amazing indoor quality brought in the GREENGUARD certification.
  • Heavy-duty silver accents have given the chair a nicer look.


  • A bit tall for people below 5′ 6″

4. Boss Office B316-BK- Best Compact Office Chair

4. Boss Office B316-BK

In our search for the best compact office chair, the next one that caught our eyes is the “B316-BK” from Boss Office. To be honest, we had no idea that such a small chair could’ve turned into a pile of useful features.

The first thing that has drawn our attention was in this chair with 275Lbs. carrying capacity is 25″ x 25″ x 40″ dimension. Clearly, the numbers here are saying it’s simply going to be a perfect one for any small space.

Plus, the 100% Polypropylene fabric is a breeze to take care of. We bet you’re not going to get any headache while cleaning it up. But that’s not the only part that made us put it on our list.

Its waterfall-contour seat had influence over our decision as well. After all, that’s what has been proved useful in relieving stress to one’s legs. Thankfully, the padded seat is covered with tweed fabric which is simply worthy to get 10/10 on durability.

And yes, the makers didn’t forget about lumbar support to keep your lower back away from pain. For smoothing up the movement along with getting you more stability, the Nylon-made swivel five-star base is standing on double-wheel casters.

By the way, do you often feel like your current chair isn’t getting you the right height while working? Well, this chair won’t let that happen with its Pneumatic seat-height adjustment. Now it’s up to whether you like it at 18-1/2″ or 23-1/2″.

But there’s still something more we needed to call it ‘exceptional’ among all the chairs for small rooms. Guess what came in for that? The Adjustable Armrests. So, consider your days of hanging elbows out.


  • 100% Polypropylene fabric makes the cleaning easier than ever.
  • Nylon-made swivel five-star base nails the stability part.
  • Pneumatic seat height adjustment takes the height from 18-1/2″ to 23-1/2″ easily.
  • A padded seat covered with tweed fabric ensures both comfort and durability at once.
  • Lumbar support keeps back pain out of the picture.


  • Some users think the armrests don’t go low enough for them

5. KOLLIEE SINOVO1- Small but Comfortable Office Chair


Are you too a fan of simplicity? Then get ready to fall in love with the next one on our list – the “SINOVO1” small but comfortable office chair from “KOLLIEE”.

The journey of it being the ideal office chair starts with its highly durable construction. It doesn’t matter what kind of rough and tough plan you’ve got in mind for it, there’s almost nothing that its high-density mesh can’t keep up with.

On top of that, its 360° swivel design left you no scope to fall short on freedom of movement. But what we couldn’t resist loving is its High-Resilience Foam Cushion which is not only durable and comfortable but also resistant to deformation.

To keep the design efficient, the makers have kept the flip-option for the armrests. Plus, its height adjustment mechanism will make you feel like your height is just a number, nothing else. To be honest, we wouldn’t have expected anything less with its high-quality gas-lift cylinder.

Now the question is how much will it accelerate your back pain after spending a whole day on it? Well, the answer is – it won’t. Thanks to its ergonomic construction and back support for pulling that off.

The maker didn’t even leave a single chance to call it undesirable by making its installation process simply a child’s play.


  • Ergonomic construction terminates the chances of back pain.
  • A high-quality gas-lift cylinder makes height adjustment easy as pie.
  • High-density mesh pushes the overall durability higher than usual.
  • Deforming the High-Resilience Foam Cushion is a tough nut to crack.
  • Anyone can put it together with its convenient assembling process.


  • The armrests don’t come with any mechanism to adjust their height.

6. YAHEETECH Mid-Back- Best Desk Chair for Small Spaces

6. YAHEETECH Mid-Back Mesh Desk Chair

The acceptance of mesh chairs in the office has grown so higher that it has become hard to find offices with them. In such a scenario, how can a brand like YAHEETECH keep their hands off of making one? So, they too have come up with their Mid-Back Mesh Desk Chair that we couldn’t keep away from our list.

It got everything you could’ve asked for from the ideal desk chair for small spaces. Height adjustment? It can jump from 12.4″ to 16.3″ with a single touch. 360° swivel? There’s a starbase with high-quality wheels to get you that. You just name the feature and see how this YAHEETECH got all of them covered.

The mid-back design it comes with is so breathable that you might forget when was the last time you’ve had a sweaty back. Plus, the way it supports the natural curve of the spine, you can’t sit leaned forward even if you want to. Ultimately, that’ll save your back from the pain.

To keep you headache-free on its recline angle, there’s a tilt tension control knob you’ll be seeing under its soft-cushioned seat. All you need to do is just twist it in the right direction.


  • Height adjustment mechanism can push the height from 12.4″ to 16.3″
  • Star-base with high-quality wheels eased up the 360° swiveling and movement.
  • Breathable mesh in the back keeps the airflow rate higher.
  • Tilt-tension control knob fixes the recline angles in seconds.
  • The mid-back design prevents you from unnecessary leaning while working.


  • The armrests are non-adjustable and non-flippable.

7. NEO CHAIR- Space Saving Office Chair

7. NEO CHAIR Mesh Office Chair

It’s time to get you introduced to the last best space saving office chair on our list. But don’t think it’s any less than other chairs as this one too is equal to them on the basis of excellence and efficiency. After all, it’s the Mesh Office Chair from NEO CHAIR.

Before we get started, tell us what is the first thing that comes to your mind while getting comfortable chairs for desk? If it’s comfort, then get ready to have tons of it with the molded sponge covered with soft fabric. Once you land on it, you might not feel like getting up again.

Unlike those regular coarse mesh seats, the makers have thought of stepping into something updated. So, they’ve chosen sophisticated sofa fabric which has taken the comfort to a whole other level. But that doesn’t mean you’ll have to miss major features like height adjustment, 360° wheels, or tilt and locking here.

And guess how much time the assembling is going to take? Only 15 minutes! If you don’t call the fast then we’d love to know about your definition of fast. Plus, to get you painless comfort, its ergonomic design has been proved more useful than ever.

Its responsive mesh will give you constant support all the time along with keeping things a bit more breathable. On top of that, its PU base is simply a piece of total sturdiness where you’ll have no problem putting on 250lbs weight with ease.


  • PU base is not only super sturdy but can also hold on 250lbs weight.
  • The ergonomic design delivers pure painless comfort.
  • Molded sponge covered with soft fabric makes the seat a total softy.
  • The super convenient installation process takes 15 minutes only.


  • Comes with no padding on the armrests.

How We Picked the Best Office Chairs for Small Spaces: Buyer’s Guide

It’s not that easy to get the crown of the best and when it’s about the best office chair for small space, the difficulty level simply jumps higher than ever. Now you might be wondering how we’ve figured that out then.

Well, once we’ve pointed out what makes a chair perfect in every way for smaller spaces, finding out the perfect options got far easier than before. If you too ever want to try that out, we say keep your eyes on the following features.

Comfortable Seat

Indeed, that’s the first thing anyone looks for while finding out a chair for themselves. After all, in the office, you’ll have to spend most of your time in a day sitting on the chair.  

But with an uncomfortable seat, you’ll find it nothing but harder than ever. So, to put comfortable chairs for small spaces on our list, we focused on the seats that are sufficiently cushioned to eliminate all the discomfort.


If it was about any bigger office, we would’ve suggested bigger chairs. But in smaller spaces, those chairs will simply eat up extra spaces. That’s why you need to make sure the chairs are small enough to slip into tighter spaces, but also spacious enough to occupy a full-grown man or woman.

Height Adjustability

We’re clearly against getting a fixed small office desk chair and we’ve got two specific reasons for that. One, rigid chairs are not perfect people of all the heights, and two, they can’t contribute much to correcting sitting postures. So, we’ve focused mostly on chairs that are flexible on the height adjustment part.

Lumbar Support

Back pain is the only reason why most chair manufacturers think of adding lumbar support in their chairs in the first place. As we don’t want our readers to miss out on that useful feature, this was one of our top priorities while choosing small home office chairs.


Even the most comfortable office chairs will sound useless to you if they can’t even last long enough, right? So, we thought of filling our list up with chairs that are made of quality materials only and we’re not talking about the frame material only but also casters and armrests. You better do the same while choosing yours.

Adjustable Backrest

Keeping the back straight for a long time too can cause discomfort while working on a desk. So, it’s essential to have an adjustable backrest in small desk chairs for small spaces in order to have the desired space to relax along with the right sitting posture.

Tilt Tension Adjustment

The best part about having tilt tension adjustment is it helps amazingly in having a relaxing time on the chair. But rocking too much can also interrupt concentration while working. So, when you’ve got a tilt tension adjustment, you can make the chair rock or steady anytime you want.


Where do you put your arms while working on your PC? On the armrests, right? After all, that’s the most convenient way for you to let your arms rest while working. This is the reason why we think it’s a must in all the small office chairs.

So, check whether the chair is coming with armrests or not while getting your chair just like we did. It’s better if you can get one with the adjustable feature though it’s not entirely mandatory.

Swivel and Smooth Casters

To get the freedom of movement, you’re going to need both of them. So, while choosing the chairs for small spaces we’ve kept these two on our priority list. We say you too better keep them in mind before you go for your next best office task chair.

What is the Best Office Chair for Small Space?

With so many amazing options, you might be trying to reach a decision about which one of these will finally be the next addition to your office. But we say it’ll get much easier if you just focus on what you need the most.

If you’re thinking about having an amazing chair with a solid build and humongous carrying capacity, then we say go for the COMHOMA CH121. But when you’re more into leather chairs as they’re more durable and waterproof, the grabbing Yaheetech YA-445 will be a better option for sure.

Now the question is, what will you do if you can’t handle complicated assembling but still want a good and comfortable office chair so badly? In such cases, the NEO CHAIR Mesh Office Chair can save your day for sure.

So, there’s an answer to almost all of your requirements. All you need to do is just find that right answer out.

Useful Tips for Office Chair for Small Space

Sometimes one small move can turn the hardest task into a piece of cake. Just like that, to make the best use of your office chairs, you better keep a few tips in mind like –

Tip – 1: Using Seat Cushion

After a certain period of time, you can’t stop the seats from getting flat. Once it reaches that stage, for obvious reason, the chair won’t be comfortable as before. So, try using a separate seat cushion for reestablishing that comfort.

Tip – 2: Avoid Putting Extra Weight

Every chair comes with a certain weight carrying capacity. So, make sure that you’re not pushing that level too high as it might damage the chair or at times can get you injured too.

Tip – 3: Clean the Chair Regularly

If you’re prone to taking too long intervals in cleaning, then it’s bad news for you. This way you’re opening the door to bacteria that later on might cause allergic reactions. Plus, taking too much time in cleaning can make it hard to clean the chair properly.

Final Words

Once upon a time, people used to consider a chair nothing more than a place to put their bottom. But the days have changed. Now they’re a place to sit, relax, and work. Otherwise, why do the demands for the best office chair for small space have gone sky-high like this?

Like the other finest decisions of your life, you can rock here too only if you know how to pick the right one up. Just don’t forget to grab the one with better material, adjustability, comfort, and flexibility. Trust us, this way you can get the most perfect chair of your life.


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