Best Saddle Chairs for Dental Hygienists 2023

Spending hours sitting in one position on a flat chair is the main reason why dental hygienists suffer back pain. Researchers have shown that saddle-shaped seats have such a great impact on your musculoskeletal system that they can single-handedly fight back pain, bad posture, sciatica, etc.

If you’re a professional in this field, getting the best saddle chairs for dental hygienists is a must. A high-quality saddle chair will balance will spine and place your thighs at an ideal angle. Hence, your hip joints and back are always taken well care of.

To help you pick the right one, here I have narrowed down the finest saddle chairs available on the market today. I’ll also walk you through the detailed good sides and drawbacks so that you can decide for yourself. Let’s dive right in.

Top 8 Saddle Chairs for Dental Hygienists

Saddle chairs come in various styles, sizes, and price ranges. In this list, I have included all types of chairs, from the most affordable ones to premium ones. So, check out the details of each chair and select one that meets all your needs.

1. 2xhome – Ergonomic Adjustable Saddle Stool Chair

For our first pick, we have a perfect saddle chair that combines comfort, ergonomics, and price. This adjustable stool from 2xhome has a wide backrest to keep you stable and lower the chances of back pain.

Thanks to the adjustable design, you can freely move the backrest and saddle. So, moving and reaching your patient won’t be an issue anymore. Also, the seat moves separately from the backrest to easily achieve the most comfortable position.

To support a well-balanced position, the seat is made wide with a saddle shape. Therefore, you can maintain an ergonomic position, and both your spine and hips are in a perfect position. The foam inside the seat and backrest is neither very hard nor too soft. It’s thick enough to deliver comfort and provide sufficient support.

The patented five-caster rolling base makes it easy to move the stool from one place to other. Besides, it gives you full control, making this chair ideal for office use. You can buy this stylish chair in black or beige.

I like that the chair is covered with premium quality PU leather. The material looks good, provides comfort, and prevents tearing for a long time. It can also resist water and fire damage effectively. So, if you want longevity, this chair is the one.


  • Adjustable back, seat, and height offer maximum flexibility
  • PU leather cover combines style and durability
  • All the components move separately to provide comfortable positions
  • Resistant to water and fire damage
  • Caster rolling base for easy movement


  • Might be too high for some users

2. Jobri BetterPosture Saddle Stool

Want to fix your posture and relax your lower back while working? Jobri has the best solution for you. This backless saddle chair provides a tripod-like sitting position and maximum maneuverability for dental hygienists.

Without a doubt, the most notable feature of this chair is its construction quality. The tubular frame is made of stainless steel with a smooth and durable finish. It’s strong enough to accommodate up to 250 lbs. Plus, the elegant finish prevents rust and corrosion over time. Hence, the chair easily survives workplace abuse for years.

As the saddle-shaped seat also incorporates a waterfall-like effect, you get to seat in a more natural position. The muscles on your lower back remain relaxed, preventing lower back pain. Also, you get to let your legs hang from the chair. This way, there’s no extra pressure on your calf muscles.

It promotes blood circulation and improves your posture. What makes it better is the adjustable seat rest. You can easily position the seat anywhere from 21 to 28 inches. All you have to do is pull the lever and set the height as per your requirements. So, this chair will fit you perfectly regardless of your height.

The twin-disc nylon casters roll in every direction, even on carpeted surfaces. This ensures stability and proper control for the user. Plus, the chair weighs only 17.5 lbs making it easier to move in any corner you want.


  • A sturdy metal frame carries up to 250 lbs
  • Durable stainless steel finish resists rust and other environmental changes
  • Unique seat design ensures a natural sitting position
  • Adjustable height up to 28 inches
  • Promotes blood circulation on thighs, legs, and lower back


  • Assembly can be time-consuming

3. Antlu Saddle Stool With Backrest

Let’s face it, not all of us can purchase an expensive chair. That’s why I picked the most affordable Antlu Saddle Stool for dental hygienists. However, don’t mistake its price for functionality. With an ergonomic design, adjustable frame, and premium cover material, this chair can provide unlimited comfort.

As the package comes with all the necessary tools for easy assembly, you don’t have to worry about spending anything extra. Moreover, it includes easy-to-follow instructions so that the whole process takes only 5 minutes!

Users said that you don’t have to struggle with the wheels either. Overall, it’s a straightforward process. And for the design, the saddle shape keeps your spine in a neutral position while you’re sitting. Besides, the added backrest is wide enough to keep your back relaxed.

I have one complaint about the backrest, though. It doesn’t tilt and remains fixed only in one position. While this might help some people with their posture, those who want extra convenience and comfort might find it disappointing.

The best part? It’s made of high-quality aluminum and PU leather. You’ll love the sturdy metal frame as it’s highly durable and carries up to 300 lbs! The leather cover is comfortable and heat-resistant. You can freely rotate the cushions for flexibility.

Thanks to the chair lever, adjusting the height is super easy. It can be easily adjusted from 21 to 29 inches, about four inches taller than any regular saddle stool. The chair base features five free-moving wheels that easily rotate 360 degrees offering maximum convenience.

You can pick the backless options too at lower prices. The saddle chair is available in four classy colors: grey, beige, white, and black. Isn’t it simply the best saddle stool for dental hygienists?


  • Strong aluminum frame easily accommodates 300 lbs
  • Adjustable backrest and height up to 29 inches
  • Easy to install with provides tools and instructions
  • Backrest and wheels offer 360-degree rotation for easy movement
  • Leather cover provides long-lasting protection


  • Non-tilting backrest

4. Varier Move Tilting Saddle Stool

If you have a thing for style and aesthetics, this one will be an ideal choice for you. The comfortable cushion, unique base design, eye-catching fabric, and color options make it one of the best dental assistant chairs. Let’s take a look at its best features.

What caught the user’s attention most is the base design of this chair. Most manufacturers provide a metal base for saddle tools, but this one has a natural Ash wood-made base. Plus, the rounded base is somewhat convex. This way, it encourages movement and keeps you active even while sitting.

Besides promoting movement, this chair engages the core muscles of your body and strengthens them. The seat design itself is also pretty incredible. It has a rounded cushioned seat with soft edges to improve your posture without discounting comfort.

As the base and seat facilitate a wide range of motion, the chair boosts calorie burn. In fact, the Mayo Clinic has tested and approved the Varier chair. It got a NEAT certification for calorie-burning abilities. If you want to remain active while sitting or standing in your office chair, Varier has got you covered.

Although we picked the gorgeous blue revive fabric, you can go for black, red, or dark grey too. All the colors are elegant with a comfortable fabric. Since this chair is comprised of only three separate pieces, you won’t need any tools to assemble it. Simply put them together as per the instructions, and you’re done!


  • Sturdy convex base made of natural Ash wood
  • Rounded seat with soft edges ensure the highest comfort
  • Promotes body movement while sitting, encouraging to burn calories
  • Available in four classy and vibrant colors
  • Comes in only 3 pieces that are easy to put together


  • The semi-standing position can be uncomfortable for some

5. FRNIAMC Heavy-Duty Saddle Stool Rolling

A list of the best chair for dental hygienists is incomplete without the brand FRNIAMC. It is known for thickly cushioned, heavy-duty chairs that reduce back pain and provide a comfortable seating experience.

Let’s talk about the chair design first. While the intricately done saddle shape releases stress from your lower back muscles and thighs, the curved backrest does the same for your back and shoulders. The base is made of heavy-duty aluminum to carry up to 350 lbs with ease.

Plus, the whole base has a smooth finish that effectively prevents rust, chipping, and dents. For easy movement on all types of floors, this chair features five reinforced nylon casters. These casters not only enhance the overall look of the chair but also support smooth and noise-free movement.

When it comes to comfort, this stool is simply unbeatable. The cushions on the backrest and seat are thicker than any other chair on the market. Moreover, both cushions are covered by soft and premium quality leather.

Two anti-exploding plates are attached to the cushions preventing early tearing and ensuring safety for the users. Users love the adjustable height feature as it supports a wide range of body types and workplace desks.

Plus, you can adjust the height up to 29.5 inches, and it’s way taller than regular saddle chairs. While most saddle chairs only support your lower back and legs, this one also keeps your neck and lumbar area comfortable and relaxed.

Despite all its incredible features, the chair is surprisingly affordable. You can get this posh chair in black, white, or grey.


  • Designed ergonomically to support your lumbar, back, thigh, and neck area
  • Thickly padded seat and backrest are incredibly comfortable
  • Nylon reinforced casters easily moves on various surfaces
  • Aluminum legs carry up to 350 lbs
  • Height can be adjusted from 20 to 29.5 inches


  • This chair is quite heavy

6. Master Massage Split Style Saddle Stool

For professional dental hygienists who work for hours in one position, this time, we have a split-style saddle chair. With a unique seat design, molded cushioning, and superior upholstery, this saddle stool is perfect for long-term uses.

What I like most about this stool is its unique split seat design. It’s better than single-piece seats when it comes to providing support for your lumbar area. The cushions feature a Faux Leather cover that’s hypoallergenic, resistant to water and oil, and free from CFC.

While other chairs only glue the cushion with the frame, Master Massage chairs are permanently molded into the base of the frame to prevent wear and tear over time. Therefore, the chair maintains a like-new look even if you use chemical cleaners regularly. Altogether, it provides a premium feel and looks for decades.

Instead of a gas lift, this stool comes with a pneumatic lift mechanism. It has three different knobs for adjusting the height up or down and tilting the chair forward or backward. Hence, the stool can be easily adjusted according to the user’s comfort.

As the seats have a humanistic slope design, it offers a more natural sitting-standing position. This helps you to angle your back and legs in ideal positions and prevent back pain eventually.

Finally, the heavy-duty steel frame is rated at 660 lbs of safe weight capacity. Hence, it’s ideal for your clients too, as it supports a wide range of body types.


  • Split-style chair for less stress on spine and legs
  • The foam cushion is molded into the seat permanently, providing durable functionality
  • Sturdy metal frame can easily accommodate 660 lbs!
  • Faux Leather upholstery is waterproof and CFC-free
  • Pneumatic lift mechanism adjusts height and supports tilting


  • The wheels aren’t the best

7. Grace & Grace Professional Saddle Chair

Need a footrest to give your leg muscles some relaxation? Lucky for you, the Grace & Grace Saddle Chair comes with a rounded footrest, backrest, and cushioned seat. Made to last, this chair has all the premium features to offer maximum convenience for dental hygienists.

To keep you comfortable while working, the upholstery is made of premium-quality thick PVC leather. Plus, the cushioning features molded dense sponge that maintains its shape for a long time. So, both the backrest and seat will be highly comfortable and exceptionally durable.

I am thoroughly impressed by the sewing quality and detail-oriented craftsmanship. This ensures good support for your back and thighs while effectively preventing tearing of the coating material. For guaranteed safety, the cushion features anti-exploding plates.

The heavy-duty metal base has a weight capacity of 400 lbs. You can easily rotate the backrest and seat 360 degrees thanks to the reinforced nylon casters. As for the assembly, no tools are required to complete the process. Besides, the package includes detailed instructions so you can put it together within minutes!


  • Height adjustable saddle chair with a metal footrest
  • Reinforced aluminum base enhances stability and durability
  • PVC leather cover with advanced sewing to prevent tearing
  • All the components support 360-degree rotation
  • Tool-free assembly takes only a few minutes


  • Casters can be a little loud

8. HAG Capisco Puls Adjustable Desk Chair

To wrap up this list, I have an absolute all-rounder for you. From design to functionality, the adjustable saddle chair from Hag Store has it all.

For all-day comfort, a plus-shaped cushioned backrest is provided. You can either place it backward, sideways, or on the front to let your arms and neck relax in various positions. Besides, you can adjust the seat height separately to increase comfort.

An easy-to-use lever beneath the seat allows you to tilt the backrest forward or backward for added versatility. The contour saddle-shaped seat opens up your hips, increases blood circulation, and lets you sit in an active position.

To support your legs, there’s a round footrest along with the large metal legs. The five casters roll smoothly and quietly, even on the carpet and hard floors. So, you can easily move around and relax your feet whenever you want.

Although the padding on the back and seat are thinner, it maintains its shape for a long time. The metal frame easily carries up to 250 pounds. Unlike other monotonous saddle chairs, this one is available in multiple color options for both the frame and upholstery.

The chair is available in light grey, black, and fathom. Black, silver, and white are the colors for the stylish 5-star base.


  • Ergonomic design with narrow saddle seat promotes blood circulation
  • Adjustable seat height, depth, and backrest for flexibility
  • Plus-shaped backrest can be variously positioned to support the arms
  • Metal frame and footrest ensure safety and stability
  • Available in multiple colors of fabric and frame


  • The chair is expensive

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How to Choose the Best Saddle Stool for Dental Hygienist – Buying Guide

It’s always a good idea to make a well-informed purchase. If you have back pain, you must know what to consider before buying a saddle chair. So, here’s what you have to check out before making a purchase-

Chair Height

Of course, you need to pick a saddle chair that matches your height and fits well with your working desk. The height should be perfect so that you don’t have to tilt much while attending to your patients.

Luckily, all our picks are height adjustable. It’s best to get a saddle chair that can be set anywhere between 20 and 30 inches. Also, check out the adjusting mechanism, as it shouldn’t take much effort to change the height as per your needs.


When it comes to material, your main concern should be the upholstery. The cushion covers should not only be comfortable but also look good in any corner of your room. Most people opt for black leather upholstery, and that’s a great choice.

Leather is long-lasting, waterproof, fire-resistant to some degree, and highly durable. So, try to pick leather covers that can be easily cleaned with water and other cleaning products. This way, it will look good and prevent tearing for a long time.

As for the frame, most saddle chairs have metal frames. They ensure safety and longevity while carrying heavy loads with ease. Make sure the metal frame has a durable finish that resists environmental changes.

Seat Design

As we are talking about saddle chairs here, you might think most of them have the same design. However, some manufacturers take the saddle design to another level by adding their own components. Saddle chairs with waterfall-style seats are a great example. This type of chair has a gradual divot right on the front promoting movement while also ensuring comfort. Hence, they improve blood circulation and help with body pain.

Similarly, saddle chairs with edges, extra cushioning, unique orientation, etc., have their own benefits. Choose the one that you find most convenient.

Comfort Level

Typically, saddle chairs are supposed to be backless. While some users find such chairs comfortable and great for achieving a good posture, some don’t. If you work hours on your stool, it’s better to pick a saddle chair with a backrest and foot ring.

The chair should be thickly cushioned with soft foam to enhance comfort. Also, wider seats are more comfortable for people who have back pain. However, you can always choose a smaller frame with thinner foam if you’re okay with it.


Besides the height of the chair, other parts like the backrest and seat should also be adjustable. This way, it will easily fit any body type. Pick a saddle chair that easily tilts forward and backward. You should be able to increase the seat depth if you want.

Also, the backrest should move separately from the seat. Make sure there are wheels on the chair and that it supports 360-degree rotation for maximum flexibility.


1. Are saddle chairs actually good for you?

Yes, saddle chairs offer a neutral pelvic position and support the natural curves of your spine. This results in an overall balanced posture and less pain in the related muscles.
Also, on a saddle chair, your thighs are placed at a downward 45-degree angle. It eventually benefits your body’s musculoskeletal system and keeps your hip joints balanced.

2. Can you sit in a saddle chair all day?

Yes, you can sit in a saddle chair for a long time, but it’s not recommended. The tripod-like position of a saddle chair does help the back and leg muscles to remain active and relaxed for a long period.
It doesn’t cause any fatigue or pain in your body as well. However, sitting in one position isn’t a good idea, even when you’re in a perfect posture.

3. Is a saddle chair worth it?

The advantages of using a saddle chair have been proven in many studies. People with back pain greatly benefit from these chairs as they engage your core and unused muscles without stressing them.
Compared to other regular chairs, the price of a saddle chair is also very affordable. So, if you want to get rid of fatigue, pain, and bad posture, investing in a saddle chair is definitely worth it.

4. Are saddle stools or chairs better for posture?

Yes, saddle stools are better for posture as the shape of the chair promotes a more natural position. While your legs are placed at a 90-degree angle on other chairs, saddle chairs make them slope downwards.
Hence, you’re seated in a half-standing position while your lumbar area and hips remain straight. Eventually, it helps you to improve your posture.

Final Words

So there you have our list of the best saddle chairs for dental hygienists. Now it’s time to give our final verdict.

With all its features, the best overall choice is the 2x home saddle stool. The chair is sturdy with a metal frame and leather cushion. It supports your back, hip joints, and legs. You’ll love the plush backrest as it’s super comfy.

The Antlu saddle chair will also be a great choice if you want something versatile, comfortable, and highly affordable. In case budget isn’t an issue, you can also go for the HAG Capsico Puls to combine style with premium quality.


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