How to Disassemble Office Chair- The Hard Steps Made Easy

How to Disassemble Office Chair

Today’s the day you’re changing your home office and moving to a new place. You’re getting rid of a lot of old stuff, while some still remain.

Take your favorite chair for example. You can’t get rid of that, can you? It’s the best office chair since the last one you’ve broken the last one 5 years back. And now, you can’t get rid of your old buddy.

So, you decide to take it with you. But wait, you can’t take it with you unless you disassemble it, can you? Well, you can…probably….but it’s going to be a bummer.

How about we tell you how to disassemble office chair and you do whatever you need to do, eh? Besides, new skills always come in handy. Since you’re already on this page, let’s get some education?

Take a tour with us.

How to Disassemble Office Chair

Don’t think even for a bit that the dissembling office chair is tough. Nah! It’s way too easier if you know all the dos and don’ts. Keep reading and do as we say.

Take Care of the Wheels

Of course,your chair has got wheels, right? Most office chairs do. If the wheels are still attached to the chair, you’ll find it a bit hard to dismantle the parts. The reason for this is its mobility.

So, first thing’s first. You have to reduce the mobility of your chair and to do this, you need to get rid of the wheels.

Place the chair in such a way that it stays on its side and detach the wheels. You can either take all the wheels off in one go or do it one by one. However, if the chair you’re dealing with has got the wheels locked in its slot, you’ll have to go for some extra steps.

To make it easy for you, see if your chair has got any lever or tab. If you locate it, you can easily press or pull the lever and unlock all the wheels from the chair’s wheelbase.

Or, you might have to use a rubber mallet to pull the wheels physically.

Get Rid of the Armrests

The next thing you need to deal with is the armrests of your chair. Now, here’s a thing you need to do your homework on. Not all chairs have got detachable armrests. There are chairs that have armrests that you can’t get rid of in any way.

So, this step works only when you’ll find if the armrests of your chair can be detached. If everything goes right, you’ll have to see how the makers have attached it.

Usually, there are two ways the armrests stay attached to the chair. Either the makers have slid the armrests into the slot of the chair or they’ve attached it using bolts or screws.

If you see the armrests are connected with screws, you can simply use a screwdriver and detach it. You may have to use an Allen Wrench if the armrest is bolted.

Deal with The Body of the Chair

Now it’s time for you to pull the chair apart so that you can separate its seat and back. You’ll have to either unbolt or unscrew all of the fixtures though.

Here’s one thing you need to keep in mind though. If you have a single-unit chair, you won’t be able to separate the seat and the back. You’ll have to detach the whole framework from the chair’s base.

Besides, for a single unit chair, see if it comes with hydraulic. This will help you lift the chair easily. However, hydraulics come in variation as well. Some chairs will have the hydraulic attached to it and some don’t.

  • In case you have a chair that does not have the hydraulic attached to it, you should be able to pull the chair away from it. Once done, you can use the cylinder and remove the hydraulic.
  • However, if it turns the other way around. As in the case, the chair has the hydraulics attached with it, make sure you check for screws and bolts. They should be located under the base of the chair.

Now unscrew it and detach the seat along with the back from the base.

Some chairs do not use hydraulics at all, rather they use gas. Detaching them will give you a tough time though.

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Wrapping Up!

That wasn’t hard at all, was it? Now that you know how to disassemble office chair, you can deal with your chair all by yourself. Oh! Let’s not forget that you don’t need to hire someone else to get the job done for you. So you see, you’ve acquired skill and from now on, you can save your money as well. That’s two birds in one stone buddy.


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