How to Make A Chair More Comfortable?

How to make a chair more comfortable

“If it has already been made, then it can’t be undone”. This statement is probably truer than ever if anyone has said it about a chair, especially the one with a high score on ‘uncomfortability”. You know exactly what are we talking about, aren’t you?

Now the question is, how to make a chair more comfortable? If you’re struggling with the comfort part too, then we bet you’re craving for the answer. Well, you can call it a hard job to pull off, but we don’t think you’ll be able to stick to that opinion once you’re done with reading this article.

Want to know something surprising? Even after buying perfect sitting options like the best ergonomic office chair under $200, people complained of running short on comfort. But it wasn’t always the fault of the chair but how they’re being used.

Don’t worry; we’re just about to open up all the tricks and tips that can make that chair of yours a pure source of comfort in no time. It’s time to get back to the work and make that chair a piece of perfection again.

Correcting the Seating Position

Correcting the Seating Position

Even if we get you the best chair in the world, it’ll still be of no use if you don’t correct your sitting position. To be honest, the right posture is way more important than you can ever imagine.

So, it’s better if you try to sit straight by keeping the feet on the floor where you won’t have any unwanted pressure on your back. Otherwise, no matter how many comfortable things to sit on you get, you still won’t have that 100% comfort there.

Wait a minute! Are you wondering what if you keep sitting on it with improper posture? Well, let us hit you with the truth there. The first thing you’ll have to say goodbye to is comfort, which is quite obvious that you don’t want to lose. After that what you’ll get for free is numbness and tiredness.

But the worst one is still one the way. We’re talking about the poor circulation in your thigh’s back. It’ll get you a feeling like you’re seeing the legs but won’t feel them. In case you’re keeping the height too low, you’re inviting back pain to intrude in your body.

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Taking the Height to a Proper Level

If you really want to know how to make your old office chair more comfortable then always remember to take care of its height in the first place. Because if anything can ruin the chair most finely then it’s the wrong height for sure.

Are you being able to you keep your feet flat on your floor? If they’re getting anything less than a 90° angle, then it’s time to bring some changes to your chair’s height. Also, when you’ll be changing the height, make sure it’s slightly below the hips so that you can have the perfect posture.

If you want a hint on how much you should adjust, just have a glance at this list and you’ll get the answers –

Height (feet)Chair Height (inches)
4’11″15.9 inches
5’0″16.2 inches
5’1″16.4 inches
5’2″16.7 inches
5’3″17 inches
5’4″17.2 inches
5’5″17.5 inches
5’6″17.8 inches
5’7″18 inches
5’8″18.3 inches
5’9″18.6 inches
5’10″18.9 inches
5’11″19.1 inches
6’0″19.4 inches
6’1″19.7 inches
6’2″19.9 inches
6’3″20.2 inches
6’4″20.5 inches
6’5″20.7 inches
6’6″21 inches
6’7″21.3 inches
6’8″21.6 inches
6’9″21.8 inches
6’10″22.1 inches
6’11″22.4 inches
7’0″22.6 inches
7’1″22.9 inches
7’2″23.2 inches

Don’t Let Your Feet Dangle

It might sound like fun for a few minutes, but if you’ll let your feet dangle all the time you’re going to feel strain very soon. Plus, the comfort you’re looking for will also be missing even if you’ve got a perfectly ergonomic chair.

So, there’s two way to get rid of that problem. One, adjusting the height if it’s too high and the second, get a footrest. About the first one, we’ve already shared everything above. And the footrest? Just make sure it’s an ergonomic one and let it handle the rest. All you need to do is put your feet there.

Get A Footrest

Get A Footrest

We don’t think we’ve said enough about the footrest part. You’ve already known that how a footrest can eliminate your feet dangling issue of yours. But that ain’t the only thing it’s good for. There’s a ton of other things it can add to your book of gains while you’re trying to turn your ergonomic office chair into a comfort zone.

If you want to erase the word ‘fatigue’ from your body while sitting, the right footrest can pull that off with ease. Plus, you’ll be astonished once you know what it can do to your blood circulation that often gets interrupted when you sit on your chair for a long time.

And what to say about the posture? If anything you can call a great help for correcting your posture right after lumbar support, then this is it. So, if you’re having some serious thought on how to make your work office more homey you can count the footrest in for some positive contribution there.

Understanding and Experimenting with the Chair’s Settings

Are you sure you know everything about your chair? Yes, we’re talking about the settings and features. Because most of the people often come with a mindset where they think just putting their butt on the chair will be enough to access the comfort part. But that’s not always the case.

Understanding and Experimenting with the Chair’s Settings ​

These days almost all the ergonomic chairs for home or office comes with a ton of features that can help you to take it to a comfy state. These features can include height paddle, tilt tension knob, backrest reclining paddle, etc.

So, once you understand what they do, it’ll be easy as pie for you to find out how to make sitting at a desk more comfortable. While changing every setting, make sure it’s allowing you to have the perfect posture that’ll let you have lower pressure on your spine.

Adding External Lumbar Pillow

Adding External Lumbar Pillow

One of the best things about a lot of modern office chairs these days is they come with lumbar support. But that’s not the case for all of them, especially the low-end ones. And guess what comes next there? The back pain!

But things haven’t gone too far from your hands yet if your chair has no lumbar support. Just pick an external lumbar pillow and put it right there. This way not only your back will get enough support but also you can add some extra softness there if you think the backrest is not soft enough.

By the way, in the greed of comfort don’t think of grabbing something too thick there. Otherwise, you might have to let some of your seat space go and deprive your bottom of a spacious seat.

Adding a Seat Cushion

Adding a Seat Cushion

Admit it or not, the lion share of the comfort you’re looking for depends on the seat of your chair. But unfortunately, not every chair can deliver that desired amount of comfort there. Then what’s the solution?

Well, nobody said that you can’t add a seat cushion to your chair. Actually, adding an office chair cushion is the perfect move if you’re feeling like the seat is not being able to distribute your body weight evenly.

But when you’re picking one of those up, make sure it has the right cut out along with a raised center that won’t go against the shape of your bottom. If you want some help in stabilizing your pelvis, then nothing can be better than that. Plus, it can also get you rid of the pressure in your coccyx area at the time of sitting.

Use Armrest Pads

Use Armrest Pads

Don’t underestimate the importance of the armrest. As the arms are 10% of the total body weight, you can’t have the maximum comfort without letting them have a proper place to rest. But the problem is not every chair comes with padded armrests, which is by the way can maximize comfort.

In such a case, you can add armrest pads. This way you won’t only get a place to let your arms have some rest, but can improve the visual appeal of your chair too. But the most confusing part there is choosing the right one. Let us ease that up a bit for you.

Try to go for the plush and elongated one as they’re more compatible with different forearms positions like the way you see in the best chairs for therapists. As not everyone comes with the same size on forearms, it’s better if you can peak something like that.

Checking Out The Keyboard And Desk

What we usually see in the best chair for studying long hours is they’re amazingly good at maintaining level with the desk and keyboard. But it’s quite obvious that you ain’t going to get it everywhere.

So, what you can do is try to level the chair and desk where you’ll feel like having the lowest amount of gap between your forearms and your keyboard. This way you can save your shoulders and forearms from straining while typing on the keyboard.

If you’ve got an adjustable desk or a desk that comes with the under-desk keyboard tray, the leveling will get much easier.

Checking Out The Monitor Height

Checking Out The Monitor Height

In case you don’t like craning your neck up or down, then set your monitor 2 or 3 inches below your eye level. If you’ve got a laptop on your desk, then we don’t think you’re going to have much of a problem with the adjustment. But we can’t say the same for the desktop.

Some of the external monitors come with the height adjustment feature. If you’re owning one of them, then you still do have the chance to get it back to the right level. Otherwise, you can give the monitor arm a shot to pull that off for you.

But what if you’re open to grab none of these options? Well, as the last resort, you can organize all of your application windows in a position where you can have them within your eyesight level.

How to Buy A Comfortable Chair?

Do you know what would’ve been the best? If you could just buy a comfortable chair in the first place. You wouldn’t have had to think so much about making your chair comfortable again. But you can correct that when you’ll go for a new chair next time. Want to know how to do that? Just look down then –

Padded Seat

Ain’t it the first thing that you consider as the determinant of your comfort? Then make sure when you’re picking your next chair, the seat comes with enough padding. Plus, it has to be able to let you have the right posture when you’ll land your bottom on it.

Height Adjustment

We don’t know your height, but you do. So, clearly, you understand better that what level of height you’re going need to have a comfortable posture. This is why you need to check out if the height adjustment can take you there or not.

Lumbar Support

Rather than investing in a new lumbar pillow, won’t it be great if your chair could just come with a built-in one? If you agree with that, look for a chair that offers the lumbar support you’d like to have while seating on it.

Comfortable Armrest

When you’re asking for the ‘complete’ comfort, you can’t keep your arms out of the list, right? So, pick a chair that has the exact kind of padded armrest that you’d love to put your arms on.

Final Words

No matter what kind you chair you’ve got under your butt, you still can turn them into your comfort center. But only when you know how to make a chair more comfortable, which you’ve already known enough about we guess.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab that chair and do whatever you need to do get it back on track. We bet, once you’re done, the next thing will be waiting for you is a pile of comfort right there.


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