How to Organize A Desk Without Drawers

How to Organize A Desk Without Drawers

When you sit in front of your desk, one of two things can happen. You can either have all the creative juices in the world flowing through you or you just feel distracted with all the mess on it.

What was that? Did you just murmur “I don’t have drawers to organize all my stuff”? Well, then you’re in the right place. We will show you exactly how to organize a desk without drawers. This isn’t a cop-out guide either. We are tackling all the big questions like what about a desk for 2 monitors too!

8 Easy and Practical Ways to Organize Your Desk Without Drawers

If you want to maximize the space and organize your desk without drawers, you will need to get a little creative. If you have a desk with no drawers things can be all over the place.

And we mean literally all over the place. Your snacks on the table, headphones all curled up off to the side, laptop charger dangling on the edge barely and screaming for its life. Hey, you don’t know if it has a fear of heights or not. If that’s you, here are some much-needed desk organization tips.

1. Monitor Stand

Monitor Stand

Say it with us, monitor stands. There you go. This is one of those things which you don’t realize you desperately needed until you get one. Monitor stands can add extra space to your already crammed desk.They’re especially useful if you have two monitors taking up precious space on your desk.

A riser or a stand will lift your monitor and give you some space underneath to store things.You can keep a notebook, laptop or office supplies. The best part of it all? You can DIY it. If you’re feeling too lazy, you can also just buy one – they’re relatively inexpensive.

2. Use Hang Tension Rods or Side Rails

Once you realize you can use the sides of your desk to add extra space, you’ll never look at the sides of a desk the same. The sides are basically free real-estate (cue the meme here).

You can use side rails or hang tension rods to add small containers on the sides of your desk. These containers make the perfect little spot to store small knicks and knacks and stationery.

3. Desktop Organizers and Trays

Desktop Organizers and Trays

Okay, it’s time to get a bit real here. You cannot only blame not having enough space for being unorganized. A little of the blame might also be on you. We usually tend to put things on the desk wherever we want.

That isn’t all that viable when you have limited desk space. To maximize it, you can use desktop organizers and trays to help you keep things organized. This way you’ll also form a habit of putting things in their right place.

4. Get a Keyboard Tray

Get a Keyboard Tray

Here is an idea, how about a drawer for your keyboard. Not exactly a drawer but more like a keyboard tray. Given how big full-sized keyboards can be, if you can take that off your desk, that instantly gives you back some of the space right there. Plus, this also keeps your keyboard safely tucked away when you’re not using it.

5. Make Use of The Wall Space

If you’re reading this while sitting on your desk right now, look up. Then look at your left and right. What do you see? Chances are at least one of those sides had a wall.

You can use the wall space closest to your desk to get way more storage. Told you, we are going all out and being creative here. Get hooks and shelves to make a wall an organizer’s dream. Vertical organizers are the way to go here.

6. Install a Separate Storage Cabinet

We are not done with desk organization ideas just yet. This one might come off as a bit obvious, but it surely is effective. You can get pretty stylish storage cabinets that will add a ton more storage to your space.

This is perfect for those infrequently used items. Although this might not be a solution for everyone since you need to have space for a cabinet. Depending on the space available, go for cabinets in different form factors. There are vertical cabinets and also large horizontal cabinets too.

7. Clutter Needs to Go

Till we reach the inevitable future of a completely wireless lifestyle, you’ll need to put in that extra bit of effort in cable management. Cables can end up taking a lot of space – especially when they’re messy and bundled up on your desk. A few minutes in thoughtful cable management can free up a lot of space and also make your desk look cleaner.

8. Have a Trash Can Nearby

Have a Trash Can Nearby

Lastly, keep a trash can nearby. Trash goes in the trash – as simple as that. It will help you keep your workplace and desk tidy and you can easily throw away things you no longer need.

Things like pens, crumpled-up paper after those long brainstorming sessions, and other things you would throw away can be easily discarded in the trash can. Also, it is generally a good habit to build too. You’ll see a lot of space free up when you keep trash and unusable items off of the desk. And we are all for good habits here.

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Final Words

When you’re working with little space, sweating the small stuff matters. You need to make the most and maximize the space you already have. Get a little creative with it.

You can use all these 8 easy and effective ways to get back some precious space. Now that you know how to organize a desk without drawers, you’ll not have any excuses for an untidy desk. That might be the only downside here.


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