How to Remove Gas Lift from Office Chair- 4 Easy Steps

How to Remove Gas Lift from Office Chair

We spend a substantial amount of our time in the office, so sinking chairs are a no-no. Our seats need to be super comfy and supportive. Otherwise, we’ll be dying from back pain which isn’t acceptable.

So when you have a faulty gas lift in your office chair, you need to fix that situation as soon as possible. In that case, some people may think about getting professional help, but that’s not necessary at all. We’ve got your back!

By the time you finish this guide on how to remove the gas lift from the office chair, you’ll be an expert in this task.

What are we waiting for? Let’s get enlightened.

Office Chair Gas Lift Removal Tools List

To remove the gas lift from the office chair effortlessly, you need the right tools. Or else, the process will be super tedious, and you won’t enjoy this DIY experience.

So let’s consider which tools you need to disassemble the chair gas lift.

  1. Rubber gloves for hand protection.
  2. Wrench and Screwdriver for removing bolts and screws.
  3. An old piece of cloth or newspaper to prevent staining.
  4. Rubber mallet to fix dents on the cylinder.

Well, that’s all you need for removing gas lift from office chair.

4 Easy Steps- Remove Gas Lift from Office Chair

If you ask someone how to remove piston from office chair, they may exaggerate the whole thing and give some complicated instructions. But we’re here to make your task easier, so we’ll explain everything with super simple instructions.

In this way, the office chair gas lift replacement will be done in no time. Now, without further ado, let’s discuss the whole procedure.

Step One – Protect Yourself and the Workplace

Whether you’re cutting wood or removing gas lift from the office chair, you need to make sure you’re working in a safe environment. Therefore, wear protective gloves to prevent workplace injuries.

After that, take the old cloth or newspaper and cover the floor or your working surface. Following that, put your chair on that covering. You can avoid staining or dent on your expensive office chair by doing so.

Moreover, your working surface will be protected from impact damages too. Isn’t it a neat trick?

Well, now you are done with the preparation of chair piston replacement. Now, we’re about to jump into the real deal.

Step Two – Remove the Office Chair Cylinder

You need to take your wrench and start using it at this step of the office chair piston removal. Take the pipe wrench and try to grip it around the cylinder tightly. And make sure you’re getting going near the mechanism as closely as possible.

When you feel that the wrench has a secure grip around the cylinder, you must start twisting the tool. Well, you’ve to be patient and keep doing that slowly until it loosens up. 

However, if the cylinder is attached with screws, you need to get the Screwdriver. And then, you can remove the screws to disassemble office chair gas lift.

Step Three – Remove the Chair Base

When you’re done loosening the gas lift, it’s time to learn how to remove office chair seat from base.

To make things convenient, you can turn the chair upside down to detach the parts easily. But this part can be dangerous; thus, you need to be cautious. While doing that, ensure that the floor is well-covered in something protective. It will allow you to avert damages to the chair and floor as well.

Now, take the rubber mallet and start pounding the back of the base. It will help you take out the piston, and you’ll be one step closer to remove hydraulic from chair.

However, you may think about using a regular hammer for this task. But it can leave a mark on the chair’s base, so it’s not quite recommended.

If the cylinder is stuck, you can spray some lubricants to take it out effortlessly. And be careful while doing that, as you can get this lube all over your body. Well, that was the last thing about how to remove gas piston from office chair without making any fuss.

Step 4 – Replace the Office Chair Gas Cylinder

Now it’s time to get your replacement chair piston as you’re done with removing the old one. All you have to do is to insert the piston into the base. And then, install the cylinder with your wrench or Screwdriver.

However, to complete this process successfully, you must buy the accurate replacement gas lift for chair.

So this is how you can remove and replace the gas lift to get rid of an uncomfortable seat. And if you want to know how to remove gas lift from gaming chair, you can follow the same directions and complete this job without any hassle.

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Helpful Tips – How Do You Remove a Stuck Gas Lift from a Chain?

Sometimes, the piston may get stuck when you try to disassemble chair gas lift. It’s totally normal as the chair base hasn’t been opened in a while. And in this situation, getting it out can be a tough job as you can damage the base if you use any brutal force.

So how to remove piston from office chair without causing any harm to it? Is there any safe way?

Well, to get out of this problem, you’ll need a high-quality lube such as WD-40. And when the piston is stuck, spray this lubricant generously inside the cylinder; wait for a while and try to remove piston from chair once again. If you have a rubber mallet, give a few whacks to loosen it up.

You can also use oil as a substitute for lubricant; it’ll come out in seconds; that’s the usual scenario.

The Bottom Line

That’s it; here is our simple and detailed guide on how to remove gas lift from office chair effortlessly. As you’re done reading now, you can easily take out the base, remove the faulty part and install the new replacement gas lift for chair. It may feel a bit troublesome initially, but once you get your hands on it, you can do it every day without any struggle.


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