What Size Ladder For 1 Story House?

What Size Ladder For 1 Story House

Ended up buying a ladder for your 1 story house and still can’t reach the roof? Whether it’s a construction project or you’re dealing with your own DYI, I’d prefer going for something in between 14 to 17 feet; that should be enough.

But wait! Simply knowing what size for 1 story house isn’t enough, though. You need to get your hands on a heavy-duty ladder that’s robust, strong, and can handle your weight.

Recommended Ladders You Can Buy for Your 1 Story House

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So, What Size Ladder Do I Need for a 1 Story House?

Before you go through the products and decide, you should know the size of the ladder you need. Otherwise, it will be too tall or short, and you’ll keep it locked down in the attic. 

Well, I can’t let that happen, can I?

If you are asking, how tall of a ladder do I need for 1 story house; the answer is 14-16 feet long as it is the average height of any home. However, this calculation may vary from place to place, depending on different aspects.

What is the Height of a 1 Story House?

To be honest, the height of 1 story house depends on various factors. First of all, it depends on the country and area you are living in. Furthermore, is it a vintage house or a modern one? Are you living in a mansion or a minimalist home?  The list goes on and on! 

However, there is a standard length of 1 story houses that you can follow to avoid the hassle. Every traditional home has a height of 8-14 feet. Sometimes you can see 16-18 feet in size, but that’s pretty rare!

And if you are confused about the numbers, you can measure it all by yourself! Here is the calculation you need to perform. 

The average height of a 1 story house = height of base from road+ height of base to ceiling+ thickness of the RCC slab+ parapet wall extension. 

I know it seems a little complicated, but you have to go through this ordeal if you want an accurate number. There’s no alternative, I am afraid!

What Type of Ladder Should I Get?

As you are buying a ladder for your one-story house, you can go for any type you want. Here are some common ones that you can get for a commendable experience.

  • Stepladders

Stepladders and short in height and can be used for all the regulars tasks around the house. You can fold them and store them in the tightest place. However, these ladders aren’t that heavy-duty, so keep that in mind while shopping for them!

  • Multiuse Ladders

This is the most versatile option you can get. These ladders can be used on stairs; you can climb them for cleaning your gutters and reaching the top of your bookshelf. For a one-story house, this ladder is perfect!

  • Extension Ladders

Extension ladders are the best options for running errands around your one-story home. It has up to 16 feet in height, which is enough to reach any tricky spot of your ceiling.
However, you cannot use this ladder in a small place. But it is easy to set up and convenient, so keeping this one around you will be a great idea.

4 Best Ladders For 1 Story House Reviews

Here is my review of the top four ladders that you can get for your one-story house. If you pick one from this list, you will have a satisfactory service, that’s a promise!

1. Little Giant 17 ft Multi-Position Ladder

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Every homeowner out there is looking for an excellent multi-position ladder. If you want that too, this product by Little Giant will be the perfect one for you!

You can set it up anywhere around your house. This equipment will be right by your side, from cleaning the bookshelf to replacing the lights on the staircase!

To ensure the highest reliability, this ladder is made with top-quality aluminum. Therefore, it is amazingly sturdy but doesn’t really weigh much. And trust me, when you love to do all the errands by yourself, this ergonomic construction will be a lifesaver. 

The wide-flared Ratchet leg levelers of the apparatus ensure the highest stability when you are working on it. So on a rainy day, if you have to work on unfavorable terrains, you can rely on this one without any doubt. 

This equipment can be used as an extension or a stepladder. And the 17-feet height is perfect for your one-story building. Hence, you are getting a whole package, which is impressive!

Now let’s talk about the safety features it offers to us. This ladder is designed with Wing so you can attach it to the wall for better stability. 

And there’s also a work platform that allows you to rest your feet or use it to keep your toolbox. Hence, we can clearly see that the manufacturer has put some real thoughts into it!

One of the most praiseworthy features of this equipment is that it comes with a nylon tool pouch. Therefore, you can keep your heavier tools on it while repairing objects, and you don’t have to go down frequently to fetch anything. 

To make things more convenient, this ladder comes with a Type IA duty rating. As a result, it can withstand up to 300lbs. So if you want more incredible benefits on an affordable budget, keep this one on your wishlist.


  • Heavy-duty construction for a reliable service.
  • Work platform reduces foot fatigue.
  • You can use it in any position you want.
  • The Ratchet leg levelers offer stability in any terrain.


  • The weight capacity could be improved.

2. Louisville Ladder FE3216 16 ft Extension Ladder

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Now it is time to tell you about an admirable extension ladder. As you can expand it up to 16-feet, this equipment will be perfect for your one-story house. 

The most incredible fact about this ladder is that it comes with super robust fiberglass construction. Therefore, it will last for decades without any visible damages or vulnerability. Moreover, the structure is totally weatherproof; hence, you can use it for your outdoor tasks too!

One of the most crucial features to consider is electrical safety. And the fiberglass ladder is electricity-resistant. As a result, you can fix all the wiring around your house on it; there will be no accidents. Isn’t that comforting?

If your extension ladder is made with poor-quality metal guides, you will be trembling while doing any chores on it. But this one has the most robust rung locks that offer you the highest stability you can get on top of the ladder. 

The type IA duty rating states that this ladder’s maximum weight capacity is up to 300lbs. so any plus-size homeowners can use this without damaging the structure. 

To keep it fixed on the ground, it has the toughest swivel shoes. So, it is one of the safest ladders to reach high ceilings; no one will dare to deny that!


  • Can lift to 300 lbs of weight very easily.
  • Made with fiberglass for a durable experience.
  • It’s an electricity-resistant ladder so that you won’t get electrocuted. 
  • Designed with swivel shoes to ensure enhanced stability.


  • It is a heavyweight ladder. 

3. Bowoshen- Aluminum Telescoping Extension Ladder

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Foldable ladders are one of my favorite ones as they offer more convenience than any other option. That’s why I am about to review this equipment by Bowoshen, which is designed for a super reliable experience. 

One of the fascinating features of this ladder is its excellent weight capacity of 330lbs. Therefore, you can climb up the steps with all the heavyweight tools in your hand, and no harm can be done to this structure. 

To ensure maximum protection, every rung is made with separate locks. Hence, you will never feel unsafe or wobbly while standing on the trickiest terrain. 

The whole structure is made with industrial-grade aluminum. And so, this ladder will last for decades if you perform some regular maintenance. Just don’t use it in the pouring rain; everything will be peachy!

While using metal-made ladders, there’s a chance of getting electrocuted. But this one has got rubber feet, so no more electrical issues or slipping accidents; you will be in good hands all the time!

For stability, you are also getting support bars with this equipment. And if you live in a small one-story building, you can just fold this and keep it in a corner. What else can we expect?


  • Designed with support bars for stability.
  • Anti-slip rubber feet ensure maximum protection.
  • The foldable design makes it amazingly convenient.
  • Can withstand up to 330lbs of weight.
  • Made with top-grade aluminum for enhanced durability.


  • Not suitable for rough terrains.

4. Louisville Ladder FM1416HD Twin Front Stepladder

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Finally, I am about to end my list with another Louisville ladder. It is an ergonomic stepladder that any homeowner would love to get for their humble one-story home!

Thanks to its robust fiberglass construction, you will have the most durable service you can expect from a ladder. And it comes with a 375lbs weight capacity, so you can easily call it commercial-grade equipment!

This is quite a heavyweight ladder; hence, it will never feel unstable once you place this on the ground. Moreover, there is no chance of slipping away, which is another remarkable fact about this stepladder. 

The innovative SHOX system by Louisville has turned this apparatus into an immortal one. You can use it indoors or outdoors; this thing will never lose its shine. And I believe that is worthy of your hard-earned money!

To ensure the ultimate safety, it has treated totally slip-resistant feet. As a result, you will never lose your balance and break a limb, isn’t that everything we need?

This ladder comes with heights up to 14 feet. Hence, if you want to get a satisfactory service, you can invest in this one without any doubt.


  • The fiberglass construction is amazingly robust and durable.
  • Has a maximum weight capacity of 375lbs.
  • It comes with treaded feet for the ultimate balance.
  • The innovative SHOX technology offers a reliable service.


  • It isn’t the tallest ladder you can get.

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Things to Consider When Buying a Ladder for a One Story House – Buying Guide

When you buy a ladder for home use, there are some crucial factors to ensure the safest experience. So, here is the list of things to consider while making the purchase.

  • Height Adjustability

It is true that you don’t need the tallest ladder for your humble one-story home. But when you have the ease of height adjustability, you can enjoy versatility. 

If the ladder is tall enough, you can go to the roof to repair a tile or two. Or you can climb up to pick some fruits without getting on the tree. Therefore, to get a greater value for the money, buy something that you can use for different errands.

  • Electrical Safety

One of the most daunting tasks around the house is fixing electrical issues. It doesn’t matter if you are replacing a light bulb or checking random wiring; you are always at risk of getting electrocuted. 

Hence, it would be better if your ladder came with electrical safety features. Structures made of fiberglass and wood are the most secure ones. But if you have a steel or aluminum ladder, make sure it comes with rubber or plastic soles for better protection. 

Moreover, you should also check for treads on the steps to prevent this hazard. We get only one life and really shouldn’t waste it as a BBQ chicken!

  • Slip-Resistance

Slipping ladders causes more death than any other silly accident, do you know that? 

And so, make sure you are getting tons of slip-resistant features with your ladder. Firstly, check if the feet are treaded or not. It will prevent the ladder from slipping away, and you will have little to no chances of falling. 

Additionally, if you plan to work on soft or muddy terrain, get a ladder with spurs to keep the structure stable. Well, you cannot feel safe on a wobbly ladder, can you?

  • Leveling Features

The levelers on the ladders offer you amazing support while climbing the steps. Thanks to this feature, you won’t e trembling while working. If you have to perform many tasks on rough terrain, make sure the ladder has this trait.

  • Construction

The ladder’s reliability depends on the construction; that’s no secret. If it isn’t robustly made using high-quality material, you will have to get a new one in no time! And trust me, that’s pretty annoying!

So if you want higher durability and reliability, ensure that the ladder is constructed with top-tier stuff. And some common ladder materials are wood, steel, aluminum, and fiberglass. 

If you get the wooden ones, you won’t have to worry about getting electrocuted. Still, it isn’t the most durable option. And the steel ones are heavyweight, so you will throw your back out every time you carry them. 

To be on the safe side, you can pick aluminum or fiberglass. The aluminum ladders are durable and lightweight. And the fiberglass ladder isn’t vulnerable to electrical surges, and you can easily carry it around.

  • Duty Rating

Every ladder that exists in the United States is obliged to have a safety specifications label. You can see it on the side of the ladders. 

This label states the highest weight capacity of the stepladder. It will tell you how much weight the ladder can carry without getting damaged. In this way, you know which ladder will be the most secure for you in any condition. 

The five classes of ladder duty are:

  • Type IAA (Extra Heavy Duty) – Max capacity 375 pounds 
  • Type IA (Extra Heavy Duty) – Max capacity 300 pounds 
  • Type I (Heavy Duty) – Max capacity 250 pounds 
  • Type II (Medium Duty) – Max capacity 225 pounds 
  • Type III (Light Duty) – Max capacity 200 pounds

Safety Precautions for Working with a Ladder for a One Story House

Falling from a ladder is a common household accident; we all know that. But you can easily avoid this incident by following some safety measures. 

So here are the tips to follow if you don’t want to break your hip or leg while using your ladder around the house.

Maintain Regular Checkups

Just like every mechanism around the world, your ladders are vulnerable to damages. There will always be some rusty spots, corroded parts, wobbly screws, and so on. Hence, you need to inspect your ladder carefully before every use. 

Always tighten the screws and keep the steps clean. Sometimes oil and water spills ruin the top-notch condition of this structure. Therefore, wipe the steps off after every use. I know that’s a lot of work, but nothing is greater than our safety.

Place It on a Firm Ground

Before setting up the ladder, make sure you’re the terrain is suitable enough for using it. Always use it on a flat, hard, and dry surface to avoid unpleasant accidents. 

If you have any emergency and need to use it in squishy or slippery terrain, always get help from another person. It is better to be safe than sorry!

Avoid Electricity Contact

While working with electricity, you should check if your ladder has enough safety features or not. And it would be best if you don’t go near any naked wires or power surges.

Set up the Ladder Perfectly

Before you start climbing the steps, set up the ladder perfectly. 

First of all, open the ladder fully and make sure that it isn’t trembling. If you are confused, read the instruction manual again for a better understanding.

Always Go for the 4:1 Rule

The 4:1 rule means that for every 4 feet of height, there should be a one-foot ladder distance from the wall. However, this rule is only applicable for non-supporting ladders.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What size ladder Do I need to clean gutters?

If you live in a single-story building, a 15-17 feet ladder will be perfect for cleaning the gutters. And for a double-story building, go for something that’s 20-22 feet tall.

How do I use a ladder to clean my gutter safely?

Cleaning the gutter using a ladder can be a bit risky! As you have to keep moving your hands constantly, sometimes people lose balance get hurt pretty badly!

So here are some tips for you that will allow you to complete the task without any trouble. 

  • You should never use a ladder that’s too short for the job. When you try to overreach, you can easily lose balance and get injured. 
  • If you’re using a pressure washer, make sure you can control it smoothly. Otherwise, it will blow you off the ladder, and you don’t want that. 
  • When moving along the guttering and repositioning the ladder, take a break to catch a breath. If you are too exhausted, you will fail to maintain an optimal balance at the top of the ladder.

What is a good size ladder for 2 story house?

As an average two-story house is around 20ft tall, you can get a 20-22ft tall ladder from doing chores on that building.

Which one is better, fiberglass or aluminum ladder?

Aluminum ladders are a common choice among homeowners because they are lightweight, not vulnerable to elements, durable, and offer a great value for the money. But fiberglass ladders are stronger than that! 

On top of everything, fiberglass structures are resistant to electricity and weather. As a result, fiberglass ladders are better; there’s no doubt about that.

What is the safest type of ladder?

If you want the most secure experience, go for fiberglass ladders. They have robust construction, electricity-resistant, and they are also weatherproof! So you don’t really need anything else!

What is the working length of a ladder?

The ladder’s working length is the space between the foot of your ladder and the top support. If you want to stand safely, it requires to be measured at a 4:1 ratio. I know you are feeling a little confused, so let me explain. 

If you have a 14 feet wall, your extension ladder has to be 18 feet long. In this way, you can climb the steps without any wobble, which is our topmost priority. 

However, when you have a step ladder instead of an extension one, you can go for a structure at least 6ft long than your wall height.

What safety measures do I need for climbing ladders?

While using a ladder, the homeowners need to follow some safety measures to avoid mishaps. And here are some tips that will protect you while climbing. 

  • Always try to balance your body in the center of the side rails. 
  • Wear clean shoes; avoid the old and muddy ones. 
  • Place your feet firmly on the rung, and don’t hurry. Take your time to climb each step. 
  • As most ladders are designed for a single person, you should use them all by yourself. 
  • You should always follow the three-point contact. Keep one foot and two hands on the ladder at the same time, or place two feet and one hand. It will help you maintain the perfect balance.

The Bottom Line

So, what size ladder for 1 story house will be accurate; hopefully, you’ve got your answers! I have recommended some of the top products in this guide and told you all the secrets to identify the most ergonomic ladder. Thus, now you can get one and perform all the tasks around your house without any issues. 

Just remember all the safety tips I mentioned, and you will be fine, don’t worry!


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