Why are Office Chairs So Expensive

Why are Office Chairs So Expensive

Regular office goers have a common dilemma known as lumbar pain. As you know office work can be daunting and might need hours and hours of sitting in a particular position without movements. This can incite lower back pains among all ages, thus people opt for specialized chairs made for office work. 

The thing is, such chairs cost a lot more than regular recliners that you have in your home. Why are office chairs so expensive? Well, many reasons boost up the expenses and we are here to talk about it, along with other prime aspects of working chairs. 

What Separates Office Chairs From Other Chairs? 

Office chairs are different from other chairs, for example, an office chair differs from a regular chair due to its superior aspects like adjustable height, armrest, headrest, and swivel function. Office chairs are made in such a way to make your resting more comfortable as they will embrace your body flexibly compared to stiffer orthodox chairs. 


Normal chairs are more about posture and not flexibility, whereas office chairs will give you the benefit to adjust your body and lower back in a relaxing way. Office chairs are ergonomically designed to give you the best sitting experience. 

HeadRest and ArmRest

The arm reso on office chairs are tweakable and can be moved to preferable heights and positions, whereas normal chairs are in fixed positions making it hard for adjusting your hand position in a working situation. Some orthodox chairs have a headrest and some don’t. On the contrary, working chairs come fitted with headrests for user convenience.

Made For Work

Office chairs are tailor-made for working needs. You can sit for hours and hours without being agitated due to its pain-relieving features. Whereas a normal chair is made for just sitting purposes and cannot be used for a longer period, as it may induce pain in the back and neck area.

Office Chairs Flex Better And Have Rolling Wheels 

Another thing about office chairs is that they come with rollers on the bottom feet. The wheels help you to move the chair without having to move your body and footing completely. If you are tired of sitting in one place for many hours, you can always glide on the office chair to relax or settle yourself into a more comfortable zone. Normal chairs lack this function, some might have attached wheels, but not all. 

The flexibility is what wins it for us when we talk about office chairs. We have surveyed so many different chair types and office chairs are one of a kind as they can recline according to your body weight and posture. You simply cannot track back on a normal chair and this can be a downer. 

Why Are Office Chairs So Expensive?

Work chairs are optimized to give you comfort while you work for longer hours. Manufacturers made sure there were all kinds of functional additions to such chairs to make your working space more comfortable and cozy. It’s fair to say that normal chairs lack these unique criteria, thus the cost is low. So what are the criteria that we are talking about that make office chairs so pricey?

Ergonomic Design

For a cozy sitting experience, makers have added the ergonomic feature on office chairs, which is missing on orthodox seats. Ergonomics help the human body to fit in adequately no matter their size and shape. 

This option lets you sit more naturally and comfortably, rather than being stiff or having a bent back like you mostly have on normal chairs.


Normal chairs lack padding and protection. That doesn’t mean they are bad, but compared to office chairs they don’t come close. Work chairs are made with protected foam and padding to shield a sitter from impact. The surface material on work chairs is worth the hype. They are mostly made of vinyl, polyurethane, leather, and other high-quality options, this certainly makes the price go high. That being said, good things come at a great price. 


Adjustable Office Chair

Almost all office chairs come with headrests, reclining options, armrests, and back support that can be tweaked according to your preference. This additional customizing ability will raise the cost. For example, the majority of office chairs come with headrests, swivel mode, lumbar support, and others to allow you to work for 7-8 hours a day, the changeable feature on the office chair will ease off all the pain and discomfort. 

Do Cheap Chairs Lack Ergonomic Design?

Yes, the likes of regular chairs shy away from the ergonomic design. These are more straightforward and focus on body posture with stiffer ends. You won’t be able to recline back, swivel around or position your backside in a snug manner on an orthodox chair, whereas work chairs are the opposite. 

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Adding Adjustments Costs More

Any customization should cost you, no matter if it’s a chair or anything. Adding something that’s not there will raise the price. As you will be buying the components and adding them to the chair afterward. The installation can be tricky and further add to your expenses. So why do you need to adjust your chair when you can purchase something stacked with positives right out of the box? To check out some of the best office chairs, please follow the link

How Come Some Brands Offer Low Priced Office Chairs? 

Many people ask the question, are Ikea office chairs any good? Well, they are not the worst either. We can assure you that these brands do come up with affordable and low-priced chairs compared to other manufacturers. This is because they work on designs from other brands and remake their sample by using different materials. Check out the IKEA Markus office chair to know more about this brand.

Not only Ikea, but you will also find tons of brands out there offering cheaper options. We suggest you not compromise on the quality, because it is your reputation in the office and your comfort zone altogether. If the budget is tight you can opt for such chairs, if you can increase the price you can go on to buy high-end ones without a doubt.

Are All Office Chairs Perfect? What Can Be Done If Not?

This is a tough question. It varies from person to person to state what’s perfect or not. For example, check out the Herman Miller Mirra 2. As we previously mentioned that office chairs have headrests, this particular model certainly lacks one but does a fantastic job in protecting your lower back. On the other hand, you can get an office chair like Steelcase Gesture which has all the ergonomic features, including headrest, armrest, recline mode, and other positives.

How About The Longevity Of Office Chairs?

It solely depends on your usage. If you are someone who likes to relax and work, the chair won’t be deteriorating soon enough. People who are into heavy workload and keep jumping on and off the seat frequently, are prone to changing their chair sooner than later, as the recliners might impair, the materials can deform and many other things may cause it to go dead. That being said, office chairs are extremely durable and should last between 5-10 years if you purchase a high-quality seat made of all world-class materials. 

Build Quality Of Office Chairs Are Different

Furniture companies keep pushing their limit to come up with newer improved models and have been incorporating new designs, top-tier materials, and other new additions when it comes to office chairs. The common build difference between office chairs and normal chairs are their materials and framings. Office chairs are covered with paddings and made of leather, vinyl, and other goods which improve longevity.

What Are The Different Variations of Chairs?

Office chairs are available in many different models such as task chairs that come with a lower back option, which can be helpful for conference rooms and such. For desk workers you can get desk chairs, these come with many adjustable functions to accommodate you on a desk. Then there are throne-like conventional office chairs suited for the company owners alike, with wider seating frames and spacious headrests. Gaming chairs are also used for offices with creative fluidity. In a more sophisticated environment, you won’t regularly observe gaming chairs.

Are Office Chairs Worth The Hype?

Absolutely! These are made to make your office work fun and cozy. You won’t be stressing out and yelling in back pain if you use office chairs in your office rather than normal chairs. Work chairs are best for the office environment because of their ergonomic aspect, fitting your body efficiently and relieving any kind of lower back pain or neck issues. You can keep working for 8-10 hours even sitting on an office chair. 

Another best part of office chairs is that they can be adjusted, from height to recline to the head and armrest. You can now roll forward and backward with its rolling wheels and swivel around to make yourself more relaxed in an office environment.

What Have We Learned 

If you had the question, why are office chairs so expensive? We hope you got your answer already by reading this article. Office chairs are updated versions of regular chairs to make office work more fun and easy. These seats are custom made to make your body fit well and stay in shape for a longer period, thus alleviating all kinds of pain and distress. They are expensive, but we can assure you that they are worth it, especially in a working environment.


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